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Release 0.7.0 of Ebirah

As mentioned in my announcement on my release 0.3.0 of my Perl Dist::Zilla GitHub Action, Ebirah, which is the base image has also been updated to release 0.7.0.

The release contains a minor improvement from Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior aka glasswalk3r, whom also contributed to github-action-perl-dist-zilla.

His contribution here was an improvement and a step in the right direction to minimizing the Ebirah Docker image, this is still work in progress and hopefully more will come.

An on the topic of more to come, no releases have been made in two years, but the base image on which Ebirah is based has been updated 3 times since the last release (4 times if you count the latest update to Perl 5.36.0), so more releases could have seen the light.

With the release of Ebirah 0.7.0 and via the usage of the GitHub Action building on Ebirah, my CI jobs have demonstrated that more work needs to be done. Apparently parts of the utilized tool chain requires updating and even Dist::Zilla could do with an update, so at the time of writing I am already working on release 0.8.0. This will of course also trigger a release of github-action-perl-dist-zilla, but more on this when I can see that all the tests are passing and the final details are in place.

Thanks to glasswalk3r for his contribution.

Finally I want to mention that Ebirah has sort of gotten a mascot. I was given permission by the Deviant Art user and artist ZappaZee to use his rendition of Ebirah - one of the Kaiju of Godzilla fame.

I am most grateful for this, not that I believe that all projects should have mascot, but for Ebirah I like the idea that it has a graphical representation.

Thanks to ZappaZee for the permission to use his artwork.

The collected release notes are included below.

0.7.0 2022-09-03 Maintenance release, update not required

  • Improvements to Docker image generation, reducing size via contribution and PR #46 from @glasswalk3r

  • The base image has been updated several times without releases, the are listed below for information. With this version the image is bumped up to Perl 5.36.0, which should be the latest at the time of writing

    • Renovate updated perl in Dockerfile from 5.34.1 to 5.36.0 via PR #42
    • Dependabot updated perl in Dockerfile from 5.34.0 to 5.34.1 via PR #31
    • Dependabot updated perl in Dockerfile from 5.32.1 to 5.34.0 via PR #18
    • Dependabot updated perl in Dockerfile from 5.32.0 to 5.32.1 via PR #14

REF: GitHub

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