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Taking over maintenance of Perl distribution Date::Holidays::ES and releasing version 0.03

Back in June of 2020 I created a PR for the repository for the Perl distribution Date-Holidays-ES.

The PR was a basic thing of updating the build system, since the distribution was using the embedded Module::Install.

Actually I had created the repository based on a so-called Gitpan repository. The Gitpan repositories are a huge collection of repositories (35.000+) of CPAN (BackPAN) distributions (the Perl package manager, Comprehensive Perl Archive Network).

Since Date-Holidays-ES did not have a Git repository at the time, I had created a fork from Gitpan and written up my patch from a fork of the fork and created a PR.

I sent the whole recipe to the author of Date-Holidays-ES Florian Merges, who responded positively.

I hade since then created an additional an additional PR and things where slowly progressing.

My third PR stranded, but I did not think much of it until February of 2022 and when Florian wrote me and informed me that he did not have the time to take care of the distribution and he provided me COMAINT on CPAN and I got permissions to upload new distributions.

This dialogue was saved in my backlog of things to follow up on and finally this weekend I found the time to have a look at it.

I set up a fork of Florian's repository, reapplied the patch and migrated the build system from Module::Install to Dist::Zilla to make it easier for me to maintain the distribution.

Finally I uploaded version 0.03, which is now available on CPAN if you are interested in programmatically work with national Spanish holidays or want to do something via the APIs offered by Date::Holidays, which is a wrapper around the distributions in the Date::Holidays::* namespace, which is actually what I am maintaining and the reason why I keep an eye on the varies distributions related to this work.

I am very much a TODO list person and most often I will eventually come to the task needed to be done, apparently this might take years, but little by little we progress.

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