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Blog post: Podcasts I enjoy listening to... (part 1)

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I have been a long time consumer of podcasts, the other day I thought about sharing my favorite podcasts, I have however over time deleted some to keep the podcast player listing somewhat orderly, I have tried to restore from memory, but some podcasts might have been lost to time.

When writing this podcast entry, it started to get way too long, so I decided to divide into into two parts. The first part being podcasts I listen to right now and often consume as fast as soon as they are released. The following part will be what did not make it into this post.

And now on to the shows, the first part of the list anyway. This part is in alphabetical order so order is not significant.

Changelog Master feed

The Changelog has several amazing podcasts where I was previously listening as separate podcasts, after some time and as recommended by the hosts I decided to change to the master feed, since I practically listen to everything they put out.

The podcasts are a good balance of stories, interviews and great discussions, between an array of hosts and guests on the different podcasts.

Subscribing to the master feed exposes you to a great variety of podcasts, some you would possibly not have subscribed to individually, but I recommend all of them so check them out. I suggest a strategy of listening to the master feed and then changing to individual subscriptions if the volume is too high.

You can participate live in some of the podcasts, this is mostly done using Slack.

To boil it down, the Changelog podcasts are never dull, high quality and good value.

Darknet Diaries

This podcast in more in the security, InfoSec, hacking sphere. It is telling stand alone stories and I can only say that I am thrilled, entertained and frightened with the content and stories. The podcast with gives accounts of hacking stories and it goes deep. Very, very recommendable.

The host is: Jack Rhysider and he does a marvelous job of holding your hand when diving into the rabbit hole.

If you are into the story format do check out: Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of it (below) and IRL (below).


Coding Blocks

This is another one of the more dialogue based podcasts, I discovered it pretty late and added to my backlog. I now listen to the newest episodes and once in a while an episode from the backlog. They run a bit long and I think this is due to the conversational style and number of hosts, but plenty of good pointers and advice on technology and programming in particular.

The podcast is quite humorous and funny, but also very educational and you can pick of good tips between the dad jokes and crazy discussions and technical explanations.

It took some time for me to get going with this particular podcast, but I grow more and more fond of it.

If you are into this type of podcast, you should checkout some of the Changelog (above) podcasts or Programming Throwdown (below).

Developer On Fire

This podcast is using one of the more dominant formats of a host interviewing a single guest on their life career and story. Dave Rael is an awesome interviewer, I blogged about this podcast at some point. I love these interviews, since Dave really masters the ability to get people to tell a story. The episodes are not running too long and are quite easy to consume, plenty of pointers and advice for all. The stories are often very relatable, open and honest.

If you are into this kind of podcast, I recommend listening to: Test & Code (below) and The Changelog podcasts (above).


Full Stack Radio

I subscribed to Full Stack Radio to get some more technically heavy podcasts in my stream and I surely did. This podcast is focussed and provides a lot of pointers and stuff to check out.

The host Adam Wathan does a marvelous job of getting technical topics across the wire.

If you are into this kind of podcast, I recommend listening to some of The Changelog podcasts (above), Coding Blocks (above) and Test & Code (below).


IRL - Online Life Is Real Life

This podcast is awesome. It is about technology and society. The stories are incredibly interesting and the podcasts are well produced. The host Manoush Zomorodi is telling capturing stories, even when a certain topic does sound interesting to you.

Do yourself a favor and add it to you backlog and listen to all the episodes.

I actually got a shout out in episode 4, Season 4.

If you are into this type of podcast do check out Darknet Diaries (above).


Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of it

Jason Scott is the story teller of story tellers, I love listening to Jason talking his way out if it. He tells stories from his past, I have been able to put my own home computer revolution story into context of what was going on from the stories from Jason.

If you are interesting in this style of podcast, do checkout Darknet Diaries (above).

Music For Programming

This is a different podcast, since it is actually just a stream of music.

I found it via the beautiful website:

When aiming to gain focus I do not listen to podcasts, spoken word or music with vocals, instead I listen to electronic music, since in my experience this does not disturb my thinking - this podcast is the exception.

I am shifting between Music for Programing, different playlists on Spotify and the SomaFM streams. Currently I have found some streams on YouTube, but the ones listed above are my favorites going into details with this would be a separate blog post in itself.

New Rustacean

I fell over this podcast when I started to learn Rust, a process I am still very much embarked on. The podcast by Chris Krycho is incredibly educational, tough to follow at times since I is heavy on the technology side, but you can get a lot from it. No new episodes are currently being made, but the episodes on Crates You Should Know or other episodes, which can still provide plenty of valuable and educational information. If you are new to Rust, this is the podcast you should check out.


Programming Throwdown

Of all the conversational podcasts, this was the first one I started listening to, if you leave out 2600, which is actually more of a real radio show. It runs a bit long, but I find it very entertaining and the two hosts Jason Gauci and Patrick Wheeler are quirky and geeky and very hard not to like. I always enjoy listening to their discussions and having been listening to them for so long, it feels like family in a endless stream of podcasts. The topics are very varied, but very technical and advanced, often beyond me, but I have learned a lot listening.


Test & Code

This podcast is aimed at Python and software test. I do not do much, if any, Python. But this podcast provides so much good information on general aspects. Python is mentioned often, but the podcast is very educational if you are into software development. The host does a great job Brian Okken or communicating technical topics.


Twenty Thousand Hertz

This podcast is very special and I have grown incredibly fond of it. I got it recommended by a guest on one of the other podcast, but I cannot remember which one.

The podcast is about "The stories behind the world's most
recognizable and interesting sounds"
. The stories are amazing and very entertaining and it must be one of the most well sound-designed podcasts on my list. Even if you are not into sounds, do give it a listen, you will be educated and entertained.


That is it... well for the first part, next post, will contain even more podcasts worth a listen IMHO.

If you have any recommendations for podcasts you think I should give a listen, please comment below. I do not care if they are your own or just from your list of favorites.

Happy listening...

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Joe Zack

Hey, thanks for the shout out - don't know how I missed it before!

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jonasbn Author

Anytime - I always enjoy your banter, tips and explanations

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jonasbn Author

Part two posted, with even more podcast pleasures...