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Blog post: Podcasts I enjoy listening to... (part 2)

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This post picks up from my earlier post on podcasts.

And now on to the second part of the shows. This is in alphabetical order so order is not significant.

2600 Off the Hook

I am starting out with a somewhat controversial podcast, please do not let this put you off, just keep reading.

2600 Off the hook is a radio show, which is relayed to the podcast format. The format is freeform discussion on society, technology, security and hacking. The podcast is quite political, I have listened to it for a long time and I still find it entertaining and educational. I am currently taking a break, to focus on some more development centric podcasts, which you will see reflected in the list below. Anyway 2600 is worth a listen if you are into the mash-up of topics mentioned.

The host is the famous Emmanuel Goldstein (Wikipedia).

Since it is a radio show, you can contact the show hosts when it is live via phone or IRC, which is a fun idea, but you are then bound to the radioshow schedule and timezone.


Command Line Heroes

This is a sort of a historic account for the open source movement. The story format is most entertaining, one could argue a bit on the high level, but I have had plenty of deja vu moments. I think another season is in the making.

The host: Saron Yitbarek, is quite prolific and she has been a guest on many of the other podcasts I mention.

If you are interesting in this kind of podcast, do checkout Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of it (part 1 or Darknet Diaries (part 1).


The Command Line Podcast

This was one of the first podcast I became a regular listener together with 2600. I do not think the podcast is updated anymore, but I can recommend quite a few of the older episodes.

The host Thomas Gideon touches on topics of career, politics, technology and open source. Sometime with guests, sometimes just with reflections or stories.

A very pleasant and personal podcast, with good advice and interesting reflections.


If you are interesting in this kind of podcast, do checkout IRL (part 1), Developer on Fire (part 1) or Test & Code (also part 1).

Complete Developer Podcast

This is yet another conversational podcast like Coding Blocks, it have not consumed so many episodes as of yet, but the few I have listened have been enjoyable. It is on the topics of technology and development.

If you are into this type of podcast, you should checkout Coding Blocks (part 1), some of the Changelog podcasts (part 1). I am looking forward to listening to more episodes from the hosts: Will Gant and BJ Burns.


The freeCodeCamp Podcast

Another host-guest interview podcast, out of freeCodeCamp. Incredibly interesting stories, but the episodes are running a bit long too my taste, which mean I consume it a bit like radio, since I sometime cannot keep focus for so long... but I am entertained and the guests are interesting and stories are honest and insightful.

The host is Abigail Rennemeyer (Abbey)


GraphQL Radio

Very technology centered podcast focused on a single technology. I subscribed to get my head around GraphQL. The podcast provides a lot of good information, but I am consuming the episodes quite slowly, since they are heavy on the technology side. If you want to get some perspective on GraphQL, check it out.

I have not been able to locate a website, but googling or duck-duck-go'ing it, will provide you with subscription links or similar.


Yet another host-guest interview podcast. The host Scott Hanselman is amazing. I really enjoyed This Developer's Life, Hanselminutes is a bit more traditional. The episodes are short and concise, awesome guests and stories and worth a listen.


Herding Code

Panel discussion podcast with: K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente, Scott Koon and Jon Galloway

Good discussions, the podcast seems to be stagnating, but if an episode pops-up in my list, I surely give it a listen...


Software Architecture Radio

The host Matt Stine interviews a variety of guests on the topic of architecture (software). Do checkout the backlog. plenty of good material and interviews in there...


Software Engineering Radio

This podcast is also also a technically focused podcast. The podcast is based on interviews with guest doing interesting things with technology, which is applicable in the more enterprise and work related sphere..


This Developer’s Life

This podcast was quite the eye-opener, it was the first podcast where I discovered Scott Hanselman. The podcast is reflecting on life and career for someone like me. The podcast is not updated anymore, but lucklily many podcasts are touching on the same topics now, but most certainly some very good episodes in the backlog.

The hosts are Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman


The Vanilla JS Podcast

Finally the vanilla podcast. I found this podcast via it's host: Chris Ferdinandi posting elsewhere or something - I cannot really remember. The episodes are short and concise, if you are into frontend development and Javascript, do give it a listen.

Chris Ferdinandi was the guest on a an episode of "JS Party", one of Changelog podcasts, an episode I can recommend giving a listen.


That was if for now, a few podcasts left out like the O'Reilly podcasts, which are not all no longer updated, but some great episodes in there and then all the podcasts I forgot... If you have any recommendations for podcasts you think I should give a listen, please comment below. I do not care if they are your own or just from your list of favorites.

Happy listening...

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