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9 Hidden Websites For Programmers

Hidden Websites For Programmers

1. Demo Coding

Demo Coding provides a free collection of HTML and CSS animation code example.

demo code web app for designers


DevDocs brings together numerous API documentation in a single, searchable interface. You will find docs related to various programming languages and technologies in one place.



You can master your web development skills by learning everything about CSS from this website. if you didn't already know, CSS is what makes pages on the web look beautiful.



For all developers, OverAPI is one of the most beautiful and useful websites. This website has cheat sheets for the majority of programming languages. Take a look at it right now.



This website allows you to take beautiful screenshots of codes. it also has a dark mode and some preloaded themes for different programming languages. You can also use its VS Code extension.


It is a platform where you can find so many good articles to read daily. it shows the best articles from various platforms directly in your feed.


Make your source code more beautiful and easy to read using code to beautiful its AI technology will make your source code more attractive and easy to read.



Showwcase is a new social media website, especially for people who code connect, build community, and find new opportunities. It is a Linkedin like platform but only focused on developers.


This website provides roadmaps, guidelines, and other educational content to assist developers in choosing a path and directing their learning. It is very helpful for a beginner as well as a learner who needs guidance.

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There's a reason why these websites are hidden πŸ˜‚

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