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Colt Steele's Free Code Camp

johnnyjamesnavarro profile image Johnny Navarro ・1 min read

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you that Colt Steele (an excellent instructor from Udemy) has just started a Free Code Camp on Youtube.

Colt's Code Camp Day 1:

Titled "Learn to Code at Home for Free", promises to be a way for anyone to enjoy learning to code during these difficult times.

If you are already a developer you might not need this, but it could be a valuable resource if you know anyone that might want to start coding.

I looked into it and it's mostly about Web Development. The first episode gives an overview of how Web Development works in general and he'll continue in the following days teaching how to work with Web Development tools and languages.

I'm not affiliated with Colt in any way, I just thought it could be nice to share it.

Have fun!

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