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I am needing help with the front-end.

It is about the AsmBB project. The back-end is really superior (yes, I am very modest) but almost everyone visiting the site claims the design and the front-end as a whole is really bad.

The project needs good, contemporary theme and definitely some serious JS revision. But in the same time, it is very important to not ruin the performance. After all, AsmBB pretend to be the fastest and lightest web forum engine in the world.

So, HTML (the project has a template engine, so changes are easy), CSS/LESS and vanilla JS seems to be the proper recipe. Well, maybe webassembly as well, if it will increase the performance.

Of course, I can provide a back-end changes if needed.

P.S. Ah, yes, the project is distributed under a copy-left license EUPL. It is very similar and compatible to GPL, but with EU specifics.


Thanks for replying! How are the contributions made?


The code is in source code repository.

The version control system used is fossil scm. It is similar to git, but much better for small projects.

So, at the very beginning you should use this workflow and when you are more familiar with fossil I will give you commit permissions to work directly on the central repository.

P.S. BTW, fossil scm is written by the author of SQLite D.Richard Hipp. He is brilliant programmer and particularly fossil is really a masterpiece software.

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