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Willane Paiva
Willane Paiva

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Anyone needing help in open source projects?

Hello, I'm a front-end developer looking for an open source project to help, specially the small ones. I work mainly with javascript, but could open to other languages. Is there anyone needing help?

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Brandon Benefield

Hi Willane, I'm actually looking for some frontend help on my OSS project, Express Admin Area. In short, the project is a database management tool from the browser.

The front uses TypeScript React while the back is using Typescript Express. At the moment there is absolutely zero styling on the front so if you're into CSS, or perhaps some other form of styling library, and want to help refactor some components, write unit tests as well as add some new features then be my guest and submit a PR. Once merged I'll add you to the Contributors list on the README.

I don't have a good flow set up for contributors so excuse me if it's difficult to get into. I could definitely use help setting up a

I'm also open for backend help if that interests you or anyone who reads this.

Hope to see some of yall pop up in the PR or Issues 😁


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Willane Paiva

Thanks for replying, I will take a look at your project :)

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I'm not a part of this project but i think this is a good one.

GitHub logo anapaulagomes / pardal

An accessible and customisable Twitter client


An acessible and customizable Twitter client.

Build Status


First things first: you must install all dependencies.

npm install
npm start


npm run test:unit
npm run test:integration


This command will generate a Pardal executable for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

npm build

If you're developing on Linux or MacOS, you will need to install Wine to generate versions for Windows.

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Willane Paiva

That's a really nice project, thanks for suggesting :)

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johnfound • Edited


I am needing help with the front-end.

It is about the AsmBB project. The back-end is really superior (yes, I am very modest) but almost everyone visiting the site claims the design and the front-end as a whole is really bad.

The project needs good, contemporary theme and definitely some serious JS revision. But in the same time, it is very important to not ruin the performance. After all, AsmBB pretend to be the fastest and lightest web forum engine in the world.

So, HTML (the project has a template engine, so changes are easy), CSS/LESS and vanilla JS seems to be the proper recipe. Well, maybe webassembly as well, if it will increase the performance.

Of course, I can provide a back-end changes if needed.

P.S. Ah, yes, the project is distributed under a copy-left license EUPL. It is very similar and compatible to GPL, but with EU specifics.

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Willane Paiva

Thanks for replying! How are the contributions made?

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The code is in source code repository.

The version control system used is fossil scm. It is similar to git, but much better for small projects.

So, at the very beginning you should use this workflow and when you are more familiar with fossil I will give you commit permissions to work directly on the central repository.

P.S. BTW, fossil scm is written by the author of SQLite D.Richard Hipp. He is brilliant programmer and particularly fossil is really a masterpiece software.

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Elango Sundar

I need some help in my oss projects and i have listout issues in open issues section. If possible can you help this.

Repo :
Link :

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I'm looking for contributions to a Dart library that simply provides access to the api for It includes converting json to objects and scraping data from their website.

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Yashu Mittal

Thermal is free and open-source desktop application allows you to manage your Git repositories at one place by providing a simple to use graphic interface with built-in features like commits, history, repository settings and more.


Thermal application screenshot

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Anything your looking for in particular, or wanting to learn, or already know (beyond just JavaScript)

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Willane Paiva

Nothing in particular