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Discussion on: React lists without .map

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Oh, I basically understand, thanks for your detailed reply.

For the approach without render function, I also have seen this:

But it has a trouble problem that in TS: the item needs to define a variable separately to match the TS type.

I feel that the approach of react-loops, which maybe has a higher recognition, because it uses the render props pattern commonly used in React. For example, solidjs also uses this <For> design:

After reading your article, I think it's certainly useful. I just feel that at first glance, there is a lot of code, which is a little complex for people who see it for the first time, perhaps it would be better to have a simplified version. Thanks for sharing~

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Mike Talbot Author

I mean, you would have the actual function in a utilities file and it's only a few lines of code. It works fine in TS. Here's an example of Repeat written that way.