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Yes of course. I'm using linux as web developer. I only can figure out 3 scenarios on which Linux can't fit for our job:

1- Outdated workarounds (by 10+ years for being precise) and/or bad use of tools, such as needing photoshop for coding (dude WTF? There are tones of tools like Abstract out there to share designs with developers on a friendly way (with version control for designs, inspect tools, available from any device with a browser, and so).

Moreover, if you want to rely on using PS for integrating psds into your html by stubbornness instead on moving to something better from any point of view, you can use photopea which is a Free online photoshop with the 100% features a developer could need and the 90% features a designer who is used to PS could need.

2- You are programming on a .net environment in which case you'll need a windows.

3- You are programming for iOS environment so you'll need a Mac.

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