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Game Off 2023 - Theme: Scale

Anyone participating in Game Off 2023? It's GitHub's annual game jam, which spans the month of November. This year's theme is scale, which can be abstracted or interpreted literally. AI tools are welcomed for use this go-round. For both creative assets and code. Likewise there are no specifics on languages, engines, or libraries. To participate, join the jam after logging into itch with your GitHub account. Have a repo posted by December 1st 13:37 PT. Then submit your game through itch to be judged.

Voting runs from December 1st to January 8th, at 13:37 PT. They'll highlight their favorites, but participants decide the winner(s). The five categories ratings are based on are: Overall, Graphics, Audio, Innovation, & Theme Interpretation.

The site also language-dependent tips on where to start:
Image A screenshot of the jam's recommended engines

As well as hosting a forum where you can connect with others:
Image An image of the jam's forum

If you've got a little time and a little interest, why not sign-up?

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Just an fyi, I signed up myself. I'm going to do a solo-project in order to play around with the bitsy engine. Only gotten that far though, no big plans in the works. I'm kicking the theme around for a couple of days. Then I'll go from there.

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William Torrez

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