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Zeplin 3.0 is out!

Yesterday, the Zeplin Gazette announced the release of the new 3.0 version! And, within the announcement, there are 2 new big features:

1. Connected Components

Now developers can link their codebase to the design - using Storybook, GitHub, and even open it within your IDE; as they say:

"a living source of truth"

This would give us flexibility and confidence, since we'll always get the component's current updated design/code.

2. The new Zeplin API

You can access your organizations, projects and your project's colors, text styles, screens... All within the new API - this way, you can create apps using the API, like a components' showroom.

Also, now we can customize our workflow using extensions - generating snippets from the uploaded layers, or export the texts. The possibilities are uncountable! 🚀

If you don't know what is going on:

Zeplin is a handoff tool (often called handover or even handshake).

What is a handoff tool?

Handoff tools help designers to export their designs (from Sketch, Photoshop...), and also can include stakeholders to the process, facilitating feedbacks about the job.

Is there any handoff tool besides Zeplin?

Yes, there are many! I'm using Zeplin for a while; but the two below are worthy to check out:

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