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Front-end components/features names

As a front-end developer, quite often I need to deal with components and/or features naming conventions. I'm not talking about variables' names, functions and all of this...

I'm talking about components - alert, modal, dialog, popup, dropdown... And I believe this may be a struggle to many people whose are working with non-dev/non-technical people.

Constantly I hear people talking "we need to create a new popup (...)" - so, do you mean a prompt or a confirm?
Or, when you're using a tool like HubSpot, you have a component called leadflows (now called popup forms)...

If you're using Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design... This confusion with names can increase.

In fact, they don't need to know the "correct name", or the "fanciest name" for a specific component; but, sometimes, this may create a misunderstanding.

Obviously, after some time talking about the new component/feature with your teammate(s), you can call it in a more friendly name when developing (modal.js, steps-controller.js...)

Whatever... I'd like to hear your thoughts about this and how do you deal with those requirements, or even what do you consider to name a component.

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