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Jason Davis
Jason Davis

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var startpen = "startpen"
print(startpen) =

var endpen = "endpen"
print(endpen) =

var docwrit = "docwrit"
print(docwrit) = startpen + fileName + endpen

This pen represents code in the way I learned it <!--as it was written-->[news][tech][dev][parallax][autoplay][user]...I wrote the code to be a .ai website builder. #codepen #github #stack #dev_new

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ewoks profile image

tiny bit of introduction to explain what is this about would be really helpful. I know ifttt but I have no idea what is going on here :(

j2a2k4e profile image

It is a code table, the basic redundancy of writing an app. It can be used to snapshot code, write code, and develop code languages. I came up with it trying to create a WYSIWYG for my newspaper.