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What does "-R min" flag means in my test script in package.json?

Hello all. I can't find the answer on google and on the docs. I don't want to post in Stackoverflow either. Any ideas what the -R min flag means?

  "scripts": {
    "test": "nodemon --exec \"mocha -R min\"",
    "start": "nodemon app.js"

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EDIT: Okay, I figured out the min flag. It supressed verbose test messages.

Without min flag: √ it should GET all the users (78ms)
With min flag: 1 passing (156ms)

How about -R?

EDIT #2: Okay, the -R flag and min argument are supposed to go together. As @weswedding said, it's the Reporter flag and the next word is the name of the reporter. In this case, min.

And of course, it's all in the docs....

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Weston Wedding • Edited

That usually means "recursive" in command-line speak so I initially thought that was what it was, but in this case you are specifying the "reporter"

So it's

mocha -R <reporter>

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Thank you!!!!