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Discussion on: What good habits are you trying to adopt?

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endan • Edited on

The idea of 1%∞ (One percent infinity):

One percent infinity.

The idea is to improve one percent everyday, forever.

One percent is not very much. It really isn’t. It’s tiny.

The idea of 1%∞ is the start of what has become a near obsession, for me, with small goals. Teeny tiny goals.


It really works for writing, because writing is such a concrete thing with a very finite finish line. Two words: the end. All you have to do is make 1 percent progress toward those two words.

If you write one percent of a book every day, you’ll have a book written in 100 days. That’s just a little more than three months. One percent! If your book is 80,000 words (or about 300 pages), that’s only 800 words, or three double-spaced pages.

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