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Discussion on: I'm an expert in WordPress Development, Ask Me Anything!

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Hi Sebastian. I'm not OP, but I want to start a discussion here. Have you used WP as a headless CMS before?

Do you build your own REST API on top of WP or do you utilize the built in WP REST API? Thanks for your thoughts.

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I haven't used WP as a headless CMS yet, but want to try it.

I did use the REST API once, but for something small. It was just to get details of events that opened up in a modal of a single page site which itself was built the traditional WP way.

I still haven't actually done much with JS frameworks either. Only did a small thing with Vue once. Me and others that I've worked with are used to the traditional way, but WP as a headless CMS is looking very interesting. Especially with Vue.