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Why we need age calculator ?

ere are the features I try to incorporate into the age calculator.what does age calculator ?
Age calculator age calculator

  1. You can estimate the age of your child in terms of days
  2. age calculator online calculates age in seconds.
  3. age calculator calulates age in minutes.
  4. The 4 age calculator online calculates the age in months.
  5. age calculator online calculates in years,

    Exact Age Calculator

    Birth Date*: 
    Calculate your age**
    <span id="exact_age">Age</span>
    <p><em>* The year here is 365 days and the month here is 30 days, that means your birthday may not mean you will be 0 days old.  
    **Don't worry I will not share your input.</em></p>
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    In today’s day we use age calculator online in various place specially when we have to calculate between days and time or it might be hours.Birth calculator gives you freedom to check your age in multiple differnt options.

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