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Jimmy McBride
Jimmy McBride

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DaVinci: The GPT-Powered Project Planner That's Transforming Task Management

Hey there, fellow innovators and productivity enthusiasts! πŸš€ I'm beyond excited to announce the alpha launch of my new SaaS, DaVinci! As a software engineer passionate about AI, I've designed DaVinci to be the ultimate GPT-powered project planner to help you break down your project ideas into actionable tasks. Intrigued? Let's explore what DaVinci has to offer!

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What is DaVinci?

DaVinci is a cutting-edge project planner that leverages the power of GPT to transform your project ideas into bite-sized tasks. With DaVinci, each task comes complete with a title, scope, acceptance criteria, and helpful resources. You can refine your project board using plain English, and once you're satisfied, upload the tasks to your Trello board with just one click!

Getting Started

To get started, simply log in and connect your Trello account and credit card. I'm currently unable to offer free trials due to limited resources, but I'm setting up special pricing for a select group of alpha testers. If you're interested, email me at DaVinci only charges you for what you use, making it incredibly affordable at just $0.05 per 1k tokens on a monthly basis.

Upcoming Features

I'm always working to improve DaVinci, and here are some exciting features coming soon:

  • Manual ticket editing
  • UI/UX redesign

Future Plans

My ultimate goal is to make DaVinci an indispensable tool for everyone, from individuals to enterprise teams. Here's what I have in mind for the future:

  • Integration with other tools like Notion and Jira
  • Roadmap generation for learning new skills (e.g., Rust, machine learning, mechanical engineering)
  • Agile features and automation to streamline your workflow

Let's Talk!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on DaVinci! What features would you like to see added? How can I make it even better for you? Your feedback is invaluable, and I'm eager to hear your ideas. Let's work together to revolutionize project planning and bring DaVinci to new heights!

Let the project planning revolution begin! πŸŽ‰

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