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Awosise Oluwaseun
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Testing and Deploying your Blog API

Welcome to the last part of the series where I'd be talking about testing the routes and deploying.


In order to test this api, I created an api documentation with swaggerUI. It allows you to supply values based on the schema defined and also returns the appropriate response, error messages and status codes.


The deployment was done on It is as simple as signing up with your github account then linking the repository containing your project then you finally set your environmental variables.
Voila! Your project is already deployed and ready for use.


Kudos to you for reaching the last article of the series. I believe you have been able to pick one or two concepts to apply to your next project. Kindly do well to reach me on twitter if there's any part you would like me to write extensively on.
I also owe all of this to leading tech institution in Africa, AltSchool Africa.

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