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Discussion on: A quick guide to building a Docker container for your Python application

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Joost Helberg

Nice article, but movingnaway from python will help you as well, a lot more than you think. Have you considered the Go language? Its deployment model doesnt need anything docker-like.

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Waylon Walker

No need to hate on any language. @shellyalmo is super productive in python, she is probably on a team using python, she is in an industry that lives on python. The effort that it would take to move her, her team, and entire industry over to go will significantly detract from getting real work done.

I have to Go and Rust both have super cool deployment though. I do get a bit jelous when I am pushing up a 4GB docker image then go to use a go/rust cli app and its only 200kb and everything is wrapped up in a nice binary.

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shellyalmo Author

Thanks for the nice words! I really appreciate it. I'm actually looking for my first job as a developer :)