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Julian Gaston
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DocBot - Coze AI Bot Challenge

This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Bot Innovator.

What I Built

I have built DocBot using the seamless Coze platform. The DocBot is meant to collect patient information prior to the patient entering the physicians office or while there. The patient can update their medical records, add new medications, update addresses and name changes. DocBot caters to the patient and provides a positive interaction in the form of friendly dialogue. I will be adding more information as DocBot will have continued development. Feedback is appreciated :)


Chat dialogue

Your Configuration

This is my current configuration, as continued development occurs, I will be updating this to cater to more functionalities.

Bot Plugins and Configuration

Bot Configuration

Bot Prompts

Bot Prompt


I have a history in the medical field. I worked as a medical scribe for a little while at a geriatric medical clinic. I learned a ton doing this job and fell in love with the medicine ever since. The job was inspiring but the patient experience was priceless. Although I enjoyed being a medical scribe at the time I had wish their was a way to automate some of my more mundane tasks. This is the niche that DocBot hopes to hit! This was years ago and I didn't know much about "bot development" to say the least.

With Coze you don't really have to know anything about how to develop your typical chat interface type of bot. I learned a significant amount about prompt building and the basics of bot development.

I will continue to develop this bot and integrate this with more tools to provide a seamless experience for the patient and the provider alike.

Thank you for considering DocBot for the Coze AI Bot Challenge!

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Philip How

Great work!

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Erin A Olinick

Love the bedside manner prompts in DocBot! 😊

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Jess Lee

Very cool!

divyesshm profile image
Divyessh Maheshwari

Looks pretty cool!! Nice bot!

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sahra πŸ’«

Amazing work Julian. ✨✨✨