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Jéssica Nathany
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How the Amazon interview set me thinking about my soft skills

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I decided to share here the experience I had when I did the job interview at Amazon. I didn't spend, but I have some learning about that.

I thought about my career and my soft skills, and I don´t know if you will agree with me, but let´s go. The Amazon test that I did, I had problems to solve, I don´t know the details but that I remember, I had to use some kind of algorithm and I separated a time to study this algorithm, it´s wasn't easy for me.

Anyway, I knew it would be difficult to move to that position, but I wanted to try. So I was studying for two days about the algorithm: BigO, Diijkastra, and QuickSort. I still didn't get the job, but I got the chance to try and about what I want.

The biggest companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc, most likely the tests for a job opportunity they are looking for people that have a domain in the algorithm, data structure because they look for minds that know how to solve complex problems. I'm not saying it is impossible, no I don´t. What I want to say is you need to prepare more if you want to work for the biggest companies technology.

Developers and Work

Today we know how the IT area has a lot of job opportunities, has a lot of people changing the area, because the salary, opportunity, change etc.

In my opinion, all programmers need to have some knowledge of algorithms and data structure. When I say algorithms and data structure I mean say basic knowledge for example BigO, Binary search algorithm, Recursion, QuickSort anyway to understand data structure and how things work underneath the framework.

If you want to work with the biggest companies for example Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn whatever you need a broad domain of it. I thought a lot about the job test that I made the Amazon. I think why didn't I have this domain before? I don't know, maybe I think about the framework that made them work for us for underneath. Do not be a slave your framework!

Okay, if you want only a great salary and do your job without worrying about it, you can to continue working normally. But, if you want to grow, you need to change your habits.

My focus

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I decided to focus more on algorithms and data structure and better my skills. So I wrote some tips, my opinion and feel free to follow these tips:

  • BigO Notation
  • Binary Search
  • Recursion
  • QuickSort
  • Understand how the framework works
  • Some Knowledge of Architecture
  • Some Knowledge Designer Patterns
  • Some Knowledge Unit Test
  • Some Knowledge DevOps


Don't be dependent on your framework, to understand how things work. You don't need to digest all the existing data structures, but you do need to know how things work under your framework.

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