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Effective Project Programming Practices for Real-Life Solutions

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I have always been interested in collaborating with open-source projects, but I wasn't sure how to get started. One day, while having a coffee break with my friend Felipe Rosas at our workplace, we began discussing our studies, hard skills, programming stacks, and various other programming topics.

During the conversation, Felipe asked me a thought-provoking question: "Why don't you create a small project and dedicate yourself to it using the concepts you are studying?". This idea resonated with me, and I realized it was the perfect opportunity to put my knowledge into practice.

The Project

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Initially, the idea was to create a project centered around my favorite TV series, drawing inspiration from the Ricky Morty API. This sample project, which provides a comprehensive listing of characters, seasons, and episodes, inspired me to create a similar one.

So, why not design an API for my favorite series, the Office?
I have created a repository for my project here, where the goal of this API is to list characters, episodes, seasons, and memorable quotations from the characters. After sharing the project, I realized that I had some people who thought the idea was fantastic, and some started contributing. At the moment, my friend Reginaldo Alves de Barros sends a pull request every day, contributing to the project.

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The Idea

During this development period of the project, I thought and came up with an idea. I want to create a simple web page and put all the APIs I create on it. This is fun and helps me train my code and my development architecture better, and helps other people contribute with projects open source. The challenge for me is development with the front, I need to create a simple page and I think the better idea is a creating a simple front using React.Js. Yeh, I need to do some class about react lol.

I use it a lot the Notions for creating documentation for my APIs and following the development time.

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Has a lot of things to do but every day I have some goals for coding and finishing some tasks. It is not easy to divide your time, especially when you have other activities and work to do, but If have an objective you mind, you need to focus, and most importantly, don't so much pressure or demand on yourself.

The Conclusion

Create projects and create projects and take them seriously. Create projects and take them seriously. Create with care and dedication, It will serve as learning experience and help you further mature your technical skills.

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Charles Fernandes

Good stuff!

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Jéssica Nathany

thanks my friend