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Hobby Project: Adding CI

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#ci Auto Publication (10 Part Series)

1) Hobby Project: API 2) Hobby Project: API Issues 3 ... 8 3) Hobby Project: Adding CI 4) Hobby Project: Save Dev Articles 5) Hobby Project: Reference Content File in Meta Data 6) Hobby Project: Documentation 7) Hobby Project: Generator for Testing 8) Hobby Project: Filter for Newest Articles 9) Hobby Project: Moving to a Range of Articles 10) Hobby Project: Pull All Your Articles

This next session was to get some tests up and running. As it is 2020 this means adding a CI system (which is not continuous integration).

First thing I did was to refactor the query method so I can verify parsing out the data I am interested in. I don't really view this as a valuable test, but I now have a helper method to hide the deserialization in.

I created merge request 1 which includes steps for unittesting and build. Which has already paid dividends as I forgot files and parts of files. This allows me to work through desired changes.

Next I expect I'll be building out how I want to write out the articles and their Metadata.

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