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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄


Happy Friday!


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I survived one week of e-learning and working while kids are home full time! Hats off to my wonderful wife to did the bulk of e-learning. She has so much more patience for their emotions than anyone I know.


Congrats for you and your wife, learning is even harder than working (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ since you must be focused all the time. 🥳


I published my first ever DEV.to post:

something I've been working on and meaning to do for a while now! 🎉

And I worked my first whole week from home (did the post in the saved commute time).

Happy Friday!!


Liquid tags make for much nicer links

Use{% post https://dev.to/ryan_nanson/how-to-generate-harry-potter-spells-using-neural-networks-2bf6 %} and there are more if you tap the I below the comment box.


Thank you! Never used those before! I have updated my comment :)


Just read it, your writing style is amazing 🙂. Would love to see some star wars stuff 😁?

Just Kidding LoL, I highly recommend you to read this post not just because it's different because it'll take you to an interesting journey 😉.


Thank you so much! I liked your post too :)


Congrats on your first post!

1st place in Mariokart


Frictionless Data looks fascinating.


Yeah it is :) I'll be sharing more content on here in coming weeks.


I crossed 250 followers on Twitter ⭐ and they all are amazing and I'm quite happy because of the engagement rate.

I also made a pet project to fresh up my skills - Rangeeni Color Picker 🎨:

Website: rangeeni.surge.sh
GitHub Repo: github.com/justaashir/rangeeni_col...
Please ⭐⭐⭐ the repo

I also wrote a post about my design approach here:

  • Managed to get at least some work done given the circumstances
  • Launched async.dev (async standups for remote teams) as a mini side project! Looking forward to doing work on that as a distraction from regular work :)

Wicked good timing to release any sort of remote team application. 👏


I thought so :)

I've actually owned the domain (and had the idea) for about a year - but I figured it was time to get going and actually release the thing 😁

It's the perfect time.


improved datorss.com with a lot of covid-19 data.


The reason for winning this week is the fact of having a safe home and being able to remain in this moment of chaos that the world is experiencing. #StayHome


Due to the crisis my workload has dropped dramatically and for now (This will probably change :p) my wife and i have the whole work from home with kids thing pretty well under control so that leaves me with a lot of free time and boredom. So I finally got around to submitting small contributions/patches to WordPress. Time will tell if they get accepted but it has been a fun exercise.

So if you find yourself with lots of free time as well i can really recommend checking out some open source projects. Especially if you never contributed to OS before, figuring out how that whole process goes is a fun little ride.


or read books, or take a walk, or play chess on a real board, etc. :-)


or drawing, painting, playing with clay and baking cookies with the children :)


I started an online course, I published my newsletter (first issue in a few weeks), and I used ProductPlan for the first time, which gave me so much joy cos I needed a way to visualize my release plans! ^_^


I setup a Network Load Balancer and a VPC Endpoint (we use AWS) at work, to tear down a redundant stack of 100+ service instances.


sir why don't you write an article on it. it may usefull to many


Good idea! I'll keep you in the loop if I do end up with some content.


After 7 months of coding, finally released a product that I've wanted for so long! Frontend-as-a-Service for backend engineers like me!

So excited 🕺!


This week my entire team made the transition to working from home. It's not by choice, but the whole coronavirus situation means that if we can work from home, we have a responsibility to do so. So, from Wednesday I've been working from home until further notice.

Thursday was tough because I still hadn't sorted out a proper space and I got stressed out. Today was much better because the study was cleared out so I could work in there.


I'm sure next week would be better. Keep strong!


Definitely feeling pretty good about the upgrade to webpacker 4 and Babel 7 for DEV.

Now I'm halfway through the Storybook upgrade. All kinds of goodness coming into the codebase.

Robert Redford in the woods nodding with approval


I published my first package on npm. It's a simple plugin to allow visitors of my blog to highlight text and be prompted to tweet it.
-> npmjs.com/package/highlight-to-tweet if you are interested.


After a few months of complaining that my note-taking application was dragging my aging laptop down, I finally hacked out a quick replacement that uses the existing notes. I also converted one of my toy utilities into a website, partly as an excuse to work with maps, which might be usable in a business-y sort of way, at some point.

  • Participated in a two-days online meeting with around 50+ people where we planned the work for the next three months. Given that this was the first time we such planning online, we were quite efficient.
  • Launched v2 of my CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet VS Code extension and got a lot of positive feedback ❤

I learned how to be productive while working from home, which resulted in creating healthy habits. Both eating healthy homecooked meals at normal times and exercising every day. But, more importantly, I'm teaching myself how to slow down and enjoy quiet time. Let's see how long it lasts before I get bored. 😄


Unfortunately last week, my PC suffered some nasty damage to my motherboard, so I ordered a new board, and processor (cause why not). Managed to find a pretty solid upgrade for under $300. To my surprise, it got delivered a day early! It only took 2 hrs to setup, with no hiccups! 😄


I got to work on a Golang project again! I've been very busy with PHP lately, so the few hours that I got to spend with writing beautiful Golang applications this week was very welcome! I hope to continue this again next week!


I started a project with a group of devs from USA, I've never worked speaking english all day alone.

Haha, this is the first time doing that and felt quite accomplishing (I'm from Colombia. Native --> Spanish).

I think I'll learn a lot from those guys.

  • I started working on an app for government to fight with the economic and social effects of coronavirus in new technology for me (React Native, previously I worked with React.js).
  • Furthermore, I finished successfully tasks for my daily job.
  • I am back with the fitness. In a house, but it's still better than sitting all day. I am training with the "one hundred pushups" program and I started from level 4 (31 push-ups in a row).

I was working during the whole week of quarantine. It was hard to work from home, but I did that!


It is hard to make the menta shift without the physical change of going to work!


I finally launched my first project to live!
It's a helper web app for people who like games and Apple arcade service. Looking for new games in the AppStore interface is not convenient at all so I made this app to help people find their next favorite game!
I got a very good response and feedback on my Reddit launch post so I'm pretty happy of the launch.

If case you're curious:

Made with React/Node.js/MongoDB/Apollo GraphQL and love! 💙


I finished off a three party series that took 10x as long to write as anything else I've posted.


I led a pair programming session that also was a shoulder-surfing session for several devs and our manager, over zoom. We are all remote already, not suddenly working from home.

However what made it a win is that besides my pair and I, the other dev team members and our manager aren't as versed in modern JS, nor as used to working closely with someone (in all ways besides physical) when pairing on development.

I'm sorta the JS lead, I get asked all the architectural design questions anyway, so I decided to drive and have my compatriot do the more significant navigation task.

The session went very well, we captured some great learnings and guidance, and the shoulder-surfers all said they very much enjoyed the session and learned a lot.


Released my first professional work as a dev: COVID-19 dashboard template for our client who have local data.
Guess this big carreer turn in a mere 3 month worked out well 😄


I earned a free spot in the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree! 📈


In a private project, finally figuring out how to deploy Traefic as Docker container, then forward DNS resolution from my client to Traefic, which would then route the request to services inside my private cloud.


Just wrote my first post 15 mins ago :)

I've been trying to start writing but I don't have a lot of time. I am at home because of the quarantine so I decided to finally buckle up and write this article!

I helped a group of people clear up a lot of questions and context around an important decision.

And I did it by making a cogent and convincing case for separation of identification management concerns and authorization concerns.

Also, I became woke... before 07:00 without coffee.


People coming from the Schengen area will need to be quarantined upon arrival to Japan and won't be allowed to take public transportations or even taxis, so with a group of friends we're organizing a car-pool group for people who need transportation from the airport.


I was able to install WP-CLI on windows, something I've been stuck for months.


I am learning pure WebGL!! I had tried to learn it in the past but it was too overwhelming then but this time I am finally doing it :D

Here's pure WebGL cube that I made by following MDN's WebGL Tutorial

a cube with the cat from cat and women meme as a texture


Earnt my first dev.to badge :)


🎉 4 week streak 🎉


I built a cli to improve our build process, only to have all of its functionality injected directly into the process at master. So everyone make tools! You might end up making a difference.


First week of remote work for me and remote school for my kids. Having to stay at home for sporty people like us is tough but work and study and being yet together is very cool.


The git cabal accepted a patch from me for integration into mainstream git.


I got back to writing for my blog again and taking on building another web project in eleventy. I'm still in the planning stages on that one


My last day of work at my current company is today 🎉🎉, I've had this entire week off to decompress and I start at my new job on the 23rd.


I announced the beta-launch of my new nonprofit organization 'Our Time For Tech' 😄

We have over 25 womxn waitlisted already!



Learned basics of MongoDB. I'm one step away from full stack 😁


I'm doing a free webinar tomorrow that's going to be the best way to end this week for me 🙌


I cleaned up "the bat cave" and started a new job as an instructor.


I hit 300 followers on my live coding Twitch show! twitch.tv/mbcrump


I successfully completed my first ever WFH routine. Gotta say I'm lovin it.♥️


I finally completed the porting of my blog articles to my new blog build with Gatsby 🎉🎉🎉🎉


I've started a YouTube channel and I've been posting weekly short how-to videos for 8 weeks in a row now!