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What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄

Happy Friday!


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We've been making a lot of progress on dev.to lately and I noticed that we recently passed Product Hunt in traffic according to SimilarWeb

We don't need to define our success as a competition with anyone, but Product Hunt is a tech community we looked to along the way while getting started. So to see that graph is interesting!

Next up, Hacker News:

SimilarWeb is just an estimation, but in an apples to apples way I think it's somewhat accurate as a gauge on these kinds of things.


Straight past.

Mark this comment.


Wow. What A Milstone! Good luck passing HN!


This week, I...helped launch DEV Listings! It's felt like a much needed feature for the community and it's been awesome seeing people list all sorts of opportunities :)


Super excited about these! Already shared with our recruiting team!


This week, I got a new phone to replace my old broken one.

Annnnnnnd... I took a picture of my garden to share since I couldn't show y'all one in last week's wins session!


Nice! What do you have growing there?


Let's see here...

3 tomatoes (2 Roma, 1 Cherry)
2 poblanos
2 jalapenos
2 bell peppers (1 yellow, 1 red)
2 eggplant
1 blackberry bush
1 blueberry bush

and from seed:

several butternut squash
several watermelon

... honestly, I might need to kick some of it outta the box before it's over with haha!

That's a crowded box for sure! Good luck!


This week, I... went to my first big tech conference — Microsoft Build! It was great to hang with a bunch of DEV members, honestly too many to list out and @-mention here. But a special thank you to @bnb for helping make it possible for me and @aspittel to attend! 💛


How was it? I've never been to a conference... Inspiring, empowering, you tell us!


I was really surprised by the sheer scale of the conference. So many developers in one place. So much fanfare. And I gather that this isn't even at the high-end of spectacle (that would be something more like AWS re:Invent or Google I/O).

It was amazing to meet so many internet friends (Twitter and DEV contacts), and new friends while at the conference. Twitter is really a connective platform that adds a touch more permanence to fleeting in-person interactions.

It was inspiring to see how positive and excited people are, even about relatively niche products being offered by Microsoft or the Azure crowd. It reminds you that there are a ton of people out there quietly building and pushing projects and businesses forward using this wide array of technology.

And I really liked the AI demos, especially around visual recognition.


This week, I gave first presentation in Dutch (I'm originally British) for my colleagues.

Mutilated the language (het spijt mij!), but was apparently understandable!


You are so brave! I’d be really nervous speaking in another language. Kudos to you!


Thanks! It felt great to finally do, if a little scary! The upside is that it was for non technical people and my technical Dutch is awful, so I had to keep it simple!


Goed bezig! :)

I'm having a hard time presenting, let alone doing it in a language that's not native to me. Well done!


Goed gedaan! Goed bezig hoor :-)


My mother is native Dutch. I asked her to translate my LinkedIn, because, I'd love to work in Europe... I was unceremoniously rebuffed. De pijn is echt!


This week, my Facebook group Women in Web Development reached 2000 members!


It's called Women in Web Development. Here's the link: facebook.com/groups/womenwebdev/

Please answer all pending questions to be approved.


This week, I made some serious headway on my first full React app I'm building. Plan is to be a no-nonsense color repo, a place for palettes, gradients, and other cool color things. Uses React on the frontend, Node/Express on the back, and MongoDB for storage.

Super Stoked!


Hahahah love the straightforwardness. Is it open sourced?


Thanks! That's definitely what I'm shooting for.

re: opensource: Not yet. I haven't quite figured out the authentication side of the app yet, but it's definitely something that's going to get added to the GitHub portfolio once it's ready.


This week, I...called someone out on some bad workplace behaviours and wasn’t murdered for it.

They wanted some work done but we weren’t in a position to help. And so they used a combination of name drops, company strategy, and contractual deadlines to bully me into trying to do it. So I pointed out that their behaviours were unacceptable in the workplace and that if someone made a bad decision at the top people shouldn’t just keep pushing shit down hill hoping everyone would fall into line.

They quickly apologised for their actions and we were able to work together on a solution

We talk a lot about mental health and healthy work life balance in my company so I felt confident that I could nip this one in the bud.


This week, I spoke at my first meet up! I talked about code refactoring and my 3 guiding principles for how to approach it.


This week, I started a blog and wrote 6 articles. I doubt I'll be able to keep up the pace but I'm loving it so far!


Https://drewtown.dev. I'm still building out the functionality as I go along but it is getting there 😁

Are you using any platform or developing it from scratch?

I'm using Gridsome for the static site generation and Netlify CMS. All of the frontend features I will develop. I have plans to create the archive, a more advanced search and a personal achievements/timeline dashboard so far.


This week I...

Went back to Andrew Mead's GraphQL course, which I previously crashed and burned HARD on during the intricate setup of Heroku/Pgadmin/Docker/Prisma. I got the setup working correctly this time, and got a solid grounding in Prisma and how much work it saves!


Hey, can you write steps for setup of Heroku/Pgadmin/Docker/Prisma. Thanks in advance.


I had great initial difficulty with the Prisma installation, but I think he's one of the best, if not the the best teacher on Udemy. This was the first time I started one of his courses with no real experience in the technology, and it definitely gave me a solid grounding in GrapqhQL and it's related technologies. Highly recommended!

Thanks. Can't wait to get started. GraphQL has been on my todo list for a while now


This week, I made a lot of progress in my current job. I'm at week 6 of my first dev job and after a lot of struggle, it seems now I'm catching up and being an asset to the team as a whole. This weekend I'm going to attend my first meetup because the town I lived in didn't have them. Perks of moving to a more city atmosphere.



This week, I got a job offer! (Haven't decided yet if I'm going to take it, but that's a completely not relevant long story).


This week, I Finally got one of our dev environment that we were struggling with for a few weeks up and running.

We scripted the necessary steps to do it again so that next time we can just run a script instead of figuring it all out again.


This week (this very moment in fact), I am at UXPA Boston!


This week, I had to move my home office and relocate to the closet.
There is a reason and I'll explain why next week.


That would be my guess, too.

Source: am a podcaster.


This week, I coded every day, which is no different than any other week but the simple joy I find in the act of software engineering is something to celebrate.

a still house, with a small smoke plume from a fire


This was my first week at Quora!


This week, I started on a new application with my Sr. Software Dev @wolfhoundjesse using Nx and Angular CLI to scaffold the app for us! It's pretty exciting getting to start our own project for our company and create coding standards that make the code easy to read for any new developers brought onto the team (like myself)!


This week, I...

realized that everyone is using CORS wrong in that they have a single 'allowedOrigins' group that allows access to all endpoints.

This does not take into consideration public endpoints vs private endpoints and is just allowing all those origins through to EVERYTHING.

I solved this with networkGroups. This allows me to create 'public','private','admin',etc and associate 'allowedOrigins' for each.

I can then also associate endpoints to said to make sure allowedOrigins aren't just getting a blank check for access.



This week, I improved my Bootstrap skills. As I'm not a designer, many more new synapses to come...


This weeks win is both personal and work related:
At work I was challenged to add the queuing logic to our system to solve some serious business related problem, I successfully understood its logic and incorporated it on our stack, my deadline is next week but so far am in the correct tracks (maybe I'll even deliver before the deadline).
The personal win is: first am no more convinced that am stupid, there's some hope there since I could do so much stuff in a week with no prior knowledge, second I finally got to play around with RabbitMQ 🎉


This week, I...

Had a few big wins related to performance testing of some internal web services.


This week, I gave myself a random day off! Well, it was planned two weeks in advance, but I figure I could use it. Thanks, past self!


This week, I finally came up with a Resume design I actually like! I can stop sending boring resumes for job applications and send ones that really show off my design skills (and, hopefully, my personality!).

I've also started working on My Ultimate To Do List, which is exciting and very daunting. Currently just getting some wireframes drawn out so I have a basic idea of functionality and design of the thing!


This week, I gave my Senior speech at our annual Resident Assistant banquet. I was honestly pretty nervous about it right before but it turned out great!

Link to my speech

Also I'm graduating on Saturday


This week, I built a paging control for the project I'm working on. That in itself doesn't sound too impressive, but it's as close to vanilla code as possible. It's also abstract enough that I can be added to any page in the app and it'll just work.

The front end uses raw HTML, CSS (I didn't use a UI framework, but did use Flex) and vanilla JavaScript. I've wrapped called to XHR GET methods, such that you simply pass in a url, query string data, and callbacks for success, failure, and always.

The back end uses C# and low level ADO NET calls (no Entity Framework here) to call a hand written stored procedure which takes in the table name, columns to return and filter on, page number, page size, and a search string.

It needs a little more refactoring to get it just right. But it runs so fast (in dev, using a remote database instance) that the loading spinner I added doesn't even have time to display correctly.

If folks are looking to upgrade their we dev knowledge, I'd highly recommend doing something similar. Although, you don't have to eschew frameworks in order to get started - I did, but that's only because I wanted to learn everything involved with writing paging stuff.

It's closed source project, so I can't share the code. But I might re-implement it as an open source lump, and write about how I went about it.


This week, I deployed my side project (dottieandco.com) to the world wide web 😁


This week, I started my new job as a front end developer! A lot of stuff to learn but it's been fun so far 😋


This week, I...

Started working more with CSSGrid again and I think it's finally clicking. Redoing my portfolio site with it and it seems to be much easier for me to wield this time around!


This week, I finished my 3rd year at college 😅

Falling down from finals


This week, I finally got my development box set up so I could compile my app targeting iOS.

(In my defense... I've had my boxes set up to target Macintosh and Windows for quite some time, but I hadn't any pressing need until this week to get all the ducks in a row for iOS.)


This week, I...

Installed a virtual environment for Jupyter-Notebook 'cause I needed to in order to learn Python at my new intership!


This week, I gave my first talk in a while at the ATL Angular meetup
@adyngom - 28 relevant javascript interview questions

It was my first time with the community since moving to Georgia and I was nervous as hell.


This week, I...

Took a step towards demystifying the wonderful world of "data" for myself by dipping my toes into Python/Pandas to generate tumbling 5-minute windows of max and min temperatures from 10M rows of temperature data


This week, I... Got into verification Eng. Head for the 1st time.
Not that I understood something completely, but I've come closer to it, more than ever.

I've been studying Computer Science for 8 years, moved meanwhile to an Intern position at Intel, saw I hadn't got a thing for five years, and began my ramp up on HW and my current, new verification job (it's like a QA but on Steroids) and hopefully I'm beginning soon my masters on HW Engineering as well, after full coverage of computer science topics from the last 40 years.


This week, I manage to write a functioning selenium headless code to pull metrics from clients dashboard whose api doesn't provide the same metric.


This week, I (re)launched my personal site. It is still a work in progress, but publishing it will force me keep up with the tasks left... any feedback is welcome :)


This week I wrote my first post on dev.to and then continued posting 2 more posts!


This week, I...submitted my side project to the Apple App Store for approval. I think this is the final version before I launch it - coming soon!


This week, I figured out how to use a graph database (SQL Graph), then use stored procs and C# to interface to it from the outside world.

It was a small win, a morning's win and one that I intend to use to build a configurator out of existing parts data :)

Oh and discovered, separately, what Sparql is - I honestly didn't know. Now I've got some notion of Linked Property Graphs vs RDFs. Some idea at least.

At the end of all this, managed to get at least a brief glance at Cypher, Gremlin and Sparql.

Good week.


This week, I...

Finally got a solution to build after 2 weeks working on it on and off - if you knew how insane our code-base is, you'd understand that it took 2 weeks not because I'm slow, but because our code-base is the epitome of technical archaeology.


This week, I joined Runtastic, an Austrian company from the adidas group.


This week, for the first time in my 24-year career as a technical writer, someone tweeted about documentation I wrote!

Granted, it was to say it had an error, but still!


This week, I learned to make parallel tests in Selenium WebDriver and TestNG. Pro-tip, don't write your WebDriver objects as singletons! I did everything else right, puzzled over why my tests wouldn't run parallel only to realize I had different pages running off the same Driver instance because it was a singleton! Doh.

Fixed that and it worked.