What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on December 27, 2019

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ Last full week before the new year!! What was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small ๐ŸŽ‰ Examples of 'wins' include: Get... [Read Full]
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Christmas was stressful this year, and I'm just really glad it's over. My win is being back in my apartment and waking up not-jet-lagged this morning!



Getting through the Holidays is always a win!


Finally started Rust!!!!

Wrote my highest rated/viewed post so far and hope to make the cut on the best posts of the week!! :p


Good to see a fellow Rustacean ...I am keen to get started as well. Had a few starts, but got stalled. Do you have any good plans on how to keep the learning going on a regular basis?


I think if you read my posts you'll get a good idea of my current level and how I'm doing it... I think the trick is incremental steps and start from the basics to build up to higher concepts


When my sisters and I were children, we would convene at the end of the school day and share what we had learned. These discussions were fun and exciting, especially since knowledge is so novel when you're a child. Eventually, a teacher was very unhappy that we were discussing what we learned because the teacher considered this to be "cheating". As a child, I internalized this negative opinion and, for a long time, the teacher's opinion discouraged me from discussing new things I had learned to my sisters and other people.

Skip to many years later and I am an adult now! My sister was visiting for the holidays and we discussed technical concepts that we knew about.

My win this week was quieting the judgemental internalized voice and fear I had about sharing what I learn!


Snagged the Rust badge!

Imposter syndrome intensifies...


Completed #100DaysOfCode challenge. ๐Ÿ’ฏ


Getting some time to take care of myself. I've made an entire health check-up. And everything is alright with me. Only recommendation that I received from doctor, is making more exercise (gym, or outside).
And started therapy sessions, to fight against anxiety. :)


All the best in your therapy. I hope things turn out great :)


My OSS project 1) surpassed 300 Stars on GitHub AND 2) Was accepted into homebrew core and is now easily installable for Mac users!

Brew support is especially awesome because:

  • An official brew maintainer found my project from my launch post on HN and helped get the brew formula designed and submitted.

  • The project name is run and the word "run" was one of small list of reserved words for brew, so we needed to also get a PR approved to remove the word from the reserved word list.

  • This is the first package-manager integration for my project - Hopefully others will come soon.

Overall I'm stoked with how well my project has been received and hope brew support will enable more people to give it a try and offer feedback on how to make it even better.


I'm glad I managed not to think about work for the better part of he week!

Love the holidays :D


Well actually I published a Vue cheat sheet and wouldn't think it could gather this amount of reaction and also I wrote a post about what to learn in 2020 as a web developer which passed 10k view and now I have over 1k followers. This week was one of the best weeks for me on Dev.to


Well I just saw. Vue cheat sheet is also on top Weekly section. WOW.


Even though it was a long way of making it into the top 7 for the previous week, my article on shaming and blaming got me a whole bunch of new followers. Super cool! Simme is currently one very grateful camper ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

My most recent article on dealing with rejection is also doing above my expectations and was even tweeted by @ThePragmaticDev account! I love this platform!


Released a CLI ๐Ÿš€
It helps to create the package with JS/TS, build system(Webpack/Parcel) and necessary stuff ๐Ÿ”ฅ
It's like create-react-app but for building packages!


I played with the Dev API and answered some of my burning questions about the tags I mod. It was fun and the docs on the API are great


My Win of this week are:

  • Learned about Blockchain and read its whitepaper.
  • Created D-Centerlized App based on Smart contract and Ether network. (learned so much in 1 day).
  • Learned Flutter and created small app, still learning.
  • learned some business tactics of industry.
  • giving training of react and redux to my friend as he is from .NET world.
  • helping cousin to learn CSS and build web real-world designs using CSS.
  • Eating good food only and taking good rest.

so much accomplished in one week. Haha.

as its holiday so i have time to learn new things and enjoy helping others. but in regular days as freelancer i am bound to work on clients projects only with no free time.


The win of this week was that my project css.gg had more success that I could ever imagine, my official first open source project has already 280 stars and over 14k views here, also I did receive the first badge on dev.to the PHP one as top author of week, also the website has 70k views so far which I am very grateful to every single person who helped make this happen.


I've built my first script in Golang and was able to increase the performance of a particular process by 2100% because of it! I went out of my way to find the right tool for the job and it paid off really nicely.



Did this MR in about ten minutes including figuring out the reproduction steps. Felt good to have done a recognizably good job that quickly.


I did the thing. The thing is a command-line utility that is like half curl half postman-ish. Here it is: link.

I also invited everyone to do the thing.


I published my first package on the npm registry, which I wrote my second post about, which ist the first one I wrote that had a comment reaction/conversation on :

And yesterday I finally managed to get the coverage badge working.


I completed my Ruby on Rails project and passed the review!

And, I'm happy with how the blog post I wrote about it came out. Someone in my bootcamp group complimented me on my posts, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ



Namespaces config feature in Nuxt socket IO module. A few weeks ago, I attempted something and quit way too soon. The holiday break was the time to give it much deserved thought, and I think I'm pretty happy with it. Still room for improvement (w/r/t error handling, verbose debugging, and other things)


The past couple of weeks haven't been the best. Mostly due to stress, driven from anxiety. I am working towards relocating out of Europe at the moment. I guess this is going to be my default state for the next few weeks until everything cools down. I managed to hack an old x230, get it running on arch with dwm. It's been over 5 years since I had to use a Linux box for non-server purposes. Helps me deal with the stress by keeping me distracted.


Balancing family time and working from home during a busy holiday week <3


Explored more on Oauth2 and OpenId connect. Worked on Blazor concepts. Enjoying holiday as well.


A complete clean and reorg of my garage!


Wrote my first DEV post! Also, did a bunch of coding that had nothing to do with my job!


For me, the biggest one is finding a problem with asset consistency in one of my projects... then taking the bull by the horns and getting it fixed, painful and time-consuming as it was!


We got through Christmas. It was hard this year for my family. But it was nice to just reflect on family time together.


Finished my move to my new place! Now to unpack it all ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


After 25 days of back and forth, my PR was finally merged. Next weekโ€™s win? Publish a blog showing folks how to use it.


Had my first PR to open source (in fact to dev.to!) accepted and merged! It may be a tiny typo fix but hey itโ€™s a start right!!


Began using Gwion with a kinect ๐Ÿ˜„

I'm hoping to write some tutos next month.


Finally, I published my first article: dev.to/cryptic22/terraform-best-pr....
I am looking forward to writing more articles in the new year.


My #100Days100Project is just going well. Day 12 today.


Wrote the 2nd post , here on DEV. It is about maps, reactjs and typescript.


Started a Fullstack React side project.
It's a bug tracking app. The aim is to learn Fullstack development using MERN


I wrote close to 0 lines of code. Which is a great thing. This was a first for me, for at east 4 years. ;)

Unfortunately it was the case because of blockers and Christmas, but it still counts.


Found leetcode and made it a habbit to use it.

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