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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄


Happy Friday!


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I started my Youtube channel, made a few posts on Dev.to and lost another pound of weight. I'm getting closer and closer to my goal weight and healthier life.


Hi Gwyneth, I just found your Happy Friday and eh I say that to peeps hoping that I haven't bummed them out as they might have to work the weekend. ;o)
I subbed your youtube channel and wanted to say if you include lots of search terms and hashtags like #condenewbie #womenwhocode #100daysofcode etc that will help you with the searches and though I like your header image I think you could do better (what guitar is that on the wall, looks nice but it's hard to tell with so many makes these days), not being critical just a few thoughts. Have fun!


Share your channel name with us, we want to see 👀!


I don't have a name yet, I think you need 100 subscribers in order to get a custom name and URL, but here is the link youtube.com/channel/UCbjgKwnWnGG7s... thanks for possibly watching :)

Got you one step closer to that 100 mark. Looks like you have some great content there, I will definitely check it out later.


Congrats! What's your channel about?


awesome, just started the azure durable functions topic :) thanks


Congrats, on a journey to get healthier myself, well done!! 👊


It's a daily struggle for sure, but well worth it. In it together!

  1. My project Emoji Button passed 400 stars on GitHub!
  2. I made more progress on my book! Hopefully there are folks out there that will find it useful.

This week I finally put an application using Elastic search in production! I've worked with it on another project but was never able to actually put it into production. I now have it running and it works really well. That's the second new technology I've put into production this year. Even after 4 years I'm still learning new things every day!

  • Finished that C# course with Udemy this week.
  • Got to make a small program to test what I learned (gonna finish it tomorrow, probably).
  • Got my LinkedIn profile set up.
  • Made drafts of Dev.to articles to post.

I found a apartment to share near the college, so I'm planning to move again. I also have a chance to participate in a project of developing a software for the college (I'll have to wait for the the interview). I'm pretty excited with that.

  • I wrote my first dev.to post for #TheyCoded.
  • I applied for three more developer jobs!
  • I cleaned and organized my work area so it was easier to sit down and focus on getting my work done.
  • I reached out to people I worked on group projects with and asked if they'd be interested in working on them more with me which was hard because I've got a lot of social anxiety. They agreed and we're going to clean up our project and make some improvements!

I conducted a React Workshop (that I've been preparing for months) to university students and it went great!

I'll make a post about it at some point but here's the link for now if anyone is interested:


This week I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my writing, I couldn't think of any good or "fun" topics to write about and I didn't think my post on styled-components would do very well (because I'm sure lots of other people have written about it already) but it didn't do too badly so that's my win for the week!


I wrote about partial application in javascript. In english and spanish.

Also, I did a refactor on a messy codepen, now is good.


I finally made a github repo that reached 1k stars! Super happy for it!


Well done! I have about 5 stars. Total. Any tips?


I wish I knew a secret formula, but I think good promotion helps.

  • Make sure to have pictures/GIFs near top of your README demonstrating your project.
  • Let relevant subreddits know of your project, check out the subreddits I used for my repo on the repo page!
  • Post on producthunt, a large influx of traffic actually came from producthunt for me as my post got #4 product of the day.
  • I ate bao for the first time and have a new lunch destination
  • I got my RPG night group to change venue from a crowded gaming store for a few weeks (social distancing) with zero push back.
  • I preordered Animal Crossing :)

I wrote and shared 2 blogs here, one of the blog is for #shecoded and I got 50 new followers and 200+ views on my latest blog post 😍 😍

Here is my latest blog


I worked a lot on Gwion !
I removed cryptic symbols (eg: no more #(0,0) but Complex(0,0) instead),
added some kind of constructors for these kind of structures (Unpack() for instance rebuilds the ast of its arguments).
I add a problem with vararg.start end vararg.end, but now varargs can be copied and there is a statement for its loop:

fun void test(...) {
  varloop vararg {


And much more...

I'm currently implementing structs users side:

#! this is a comment
#! let's define a struct
struct S {
  int i;
  float f;
 #!  ...

such structs are like object (they can also have static variables and all kinds of functions) except they are stocked as is, whereas an object stores then in a data field.


I completed a cool proof of concept at work that involved SSR, Node and React. It was a fun challenge and overall really successful. After demoing it today it was accepted and will be scheduled for implementation 🙌🙌🙌


This week..Since I lost one of my biggest prospective clients on UpWork. I learned that I have to be more detailed in creating a project timeline/schedule for the client to understand non-technical things.


Prediction and explanation are tough arts to master. Kudos to you for framing a disappointment constructively!


Tackled some tricky javascript! I haven't touched javascript in a while, so relearning its quirks is definitely giving me a good challenge.


Survived a killer bootcamp session! (fitness bootcamp, not code bootcamp :D ) Feeling fitter and stronger than ever and actually missing the gym which, for me, is unheard of!


I sent my 2 weeks notice on my hopefully last non-dev job.


Getting better after being sick earlier this week, and got my personal website updated!


My win this week... Well, I submitted an open source contribution to rollup.js and I wasn't familiar with the codebase. But they accepted my bugfix and it unblocked me at work! So that felt good!


I got offered a job as a Data Scientist (which is something I've been trying to get into for a while) and it sounds like they're going to train me up! 🙌🙌🙌


I was a part of a coding live stream for the first time and it was a ton of fun! Shout out to Nick DeJesus and Kevin Cunningham for making is such a great experience.


I've been wanting to open source a small utility that I created for reducing boilerplate when you interface with APIs through VueX, and I finally did it! 🎉



Wrote a contract article and completed a set of assessment questions, both for Pluralsight.


My win this week was letting my brain/mind have a rest ;o) it seem to be what is going on at the moment as things get a bit crazy ;o)


I found a slack group for Orthodox-Jewish software devs.


I published a github action to the marketplace.


// , Didn't swear at anyone I like. I think.


This week i'm proud of joining the Auth0 Ambassadors i can't wait to start the journey as an Auth0 Ambassador and about to start my youtube channel


just started working on a blazor components library using the IBM's Carbon Design System components BxBlazor :)