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What do you think about Project IDX? (Google's AI powered, Cloud Based IDE)

I just learned about Project IDX the other day.

Are you eagerly awaiting access and excited? Do you already have access and feel lukewarm? Do tell!

Here are two posts I've read so far:

Thanks @matinmollapur0101 and @maximsaplin for sharing about your experience.

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Ben Halpern

Google's track record with this type of thing is... spotty, but I do get how we're probably entering a whole new phase in the tooling we use, so it might make sense that it's not just an iteration on VSCode which is ideal.

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Andrew Bone

I'd rather they made a vscode plugin similar to GitHub copilot, even if I needed a Gemini pro account to use it.

Also I think there's more chance they'd keep supporting a plugin rather than a while IDE.

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Thomas Bnt β˜• • Edited

Seems VScode no? Like Codespaces by GitHub ?

Edit : Seems nice, but I code in local, already tested CodeSpaces and others tools in cloud, but... habits! I'll try that!