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Google officially ingesting Stack Overflow data

I think we were probably all expecting this.

Google brings Stack Overflow's knowledge base to Gemini for Google Cloud | TechCrunch

Developer Q&A site Stack Overflow is launching a new program today that will give AI companies access to its knowledge base through a new API, aptly


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The developer community has long relied on Google and Stack Overflow to decode their projects. The news of Google and Stack Overflow collaborating will offer developers a more comprehensive and contextual experience.

Here's what is expected to happen: 

  1. Integrating Stack Overflow's knowledge base into Google will enhance its AI tools, like Gemini, to generate more accurate and helpful responses.
  2. Moreover, it will be a win-win situation for both Stack Overflow and Google, where Stack Overflow will get access to Google's AI expertise while on the other hand Google will be able to give valuable sources of developer knowledge.

It's interesting to see what this collaboration brings for all, especially the developer community. 

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Anmol Baranwal

The data would be accurate and verified by top developers.
Yep, as expected. I mean, OpenAI would have done the same for sure.

The problem lies in creating something new from the data we have, something that Stack Overflow doesn't solve. This is what it should be for.

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Google almost won the AI battle save for the image generation fiasco. I hope they don't bungle up this. They will probably go ahead and bundle this in their IDE as well.

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Will Google cut the last year off, with amount of AI content there? I guess there are not that many newly answered questions.