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5 reasons to join the ChatGPT channel in Gem4me

The popular neural network ChatGPT has attracted the attention of users around the world. There are a lot of people who want to ask their questions to the artificial intelligence, but not all of them are willing to register, wait their turn, and master the new service. That is why there are alternative ways to talk to the neural network. One of them is a neural network blog GhatGPT on Gem4me platform. Since its launch, thousands of users have registered there and not a single question went unanswered.

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1. No additional registration required

As a Gem4me user, you don't need to register to ask the AI any questions. Those who already have an account on this communication platform will only need to join the neural network blog and can start using the service right away. You can leave your questions in the comments, and neural network's answers are published as new articles on the channel. This channel was created so that Gem4me users could interact with ChatGPT without leaving the app. Gem4me is a feature-rich ecosystem, and the chatbot channel is a part of it as well.

2. It's easy to ask questions

The quality of the neural network's answers depends on the question's wording. To get exact and detailed answer to your question, you have to make a correct wording of your request. Then neural network will understand the task and will not make mistakes or confuse definitions.

In Gem4me, you can phrase your question in any way you want, and it will be corrected in order to get the right answer from the neural network. When users ask the same question, the answer is merged into a single publication, which saves the waiting time. The more users ask the same question, the more interesting it is to see their reaction afterwards.

3. Discussing answers with other users

Communicating with artificial intelligence evokes many vivid emotions. Dealing with a neural network is not quite like a mechanical search for answers in a search engine. Each answer contains something interesting or unexpected. And of course, users instantly want to share their impressions and opinions with those who have also read the latest article written by the AI.

Perhaps this can be explained by psychological peculiarities of communication with artificial intelligence: it is definitely unusual and exciting, but nothing can replace communication with people yet.

4. Neural network on a usual platform

The ability to quickly start interacting with a neural network in a familiar interface is also an additional convenience. Not everybody wants or is able to explore a new service or deal with a new interface at an unfamiliar site. With Gem4me, there is no need to waste time studying the new interface and finding out how the system works. You can promptly receive the answers in a familiar application and share them with your friends and acquaintances. The users consider this channel as another Gem4me blogger. The new answers get to the newsfeed of the Channels section, so the blog subscribers won't miss the next AI answer and will see it in the list of new posts. It's an unusual experience that's only available on this platform so far: seeing publications by humans and artificial intelligence together in a single newsfeed.

5. This is a free service

Gem4me provides free services and features to all users with no restrictions. And chatting with ChatGPT is no exception. Meanwhile, few other sites provide free access to learning the neural network's functions. First, on the official developer's website, the advanced access with additional features and shorter response time is available for a fee. There are also paid channels in Telegram, where you can ask questions to the neural network. Gem4me does not plan to charge a fee for using the ChatGPT channel.

In addition to the above, there are other reasons to subscribe to the popular neural network channel at Gem4me. It is exciting to read the answers not only to your questions, but also to questions from other users. This way you can more quickly familiarize yourself with the way artificial intelligence states its opinion at its current stage of development. And besides, this is the first blog run by the neural network on a communication platform.

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