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Symfony 4.2 - Creating an entity with the maker-bundle and migrate it

After I installed the API-Platfrom in my last Post, I'd like to create an entity which I want to used for a new web service.

My setup is:

  • php 7.1.3
  • Symfony 4.2 (later 4.4)
  • API-Platfrom/core 2.1
  • maker-bundle 1.12
  • Doctrine ORM 2.7

Behind the scenes I used the MS SQL Server 2016 as Database.

With the maker-bundle it should be easy to create a new entity by using composer.

So let's start. In the Terminal run:

php bin/console make:entity

After pressing Enter the Terminal will ask you some Question to create that entity.

Class name of the entity to create or update (e.g. DeliciousPuppy):
-> apiTest

Mark this class as an API Platform resource (expose a CRUD API for it) (yes/no) [no]:
-> that's comes because we installed the API-Platfrom. So I want it to be an API resource I answer with "yes"

... and then error...

In DoctrineHelper.php line 314:

  Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()                                                      
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Okay, because I have no idea what the problem is I googeling and found that this can be happen because of an older version of the maker-bundle. (Post a GitHub Issue - Link)

I take a look on to find the lastest version which I can use.

I decide to update to version 1.35 of the maker-bundle because it works with my php version 7.1.3 and also it's the last version which require Symfony version 4.0 later versions using Symfony 4.4.

So in my composer.json I changed the version of the maker-bundle from "^1.12" to "^1.35.0".

Digression "^"-operator
If I understand the documentation for the versioning of bundles in the composer.json right - and I not sure I do - (Link)
the "^"-operator is to accept a version range of this bundle to the next versioning level which I have specified. I my case I think "^1.35.0" is the range of "1.35.0 to < 1.36"

Okay back on track I run:

composer update --with-all-dependencies

... it runs and ends successfully, but strange, composer told me:

Nothing to modify in lock file
Writing lock file
Installing dependencies from lock file (including require-dev)
Nothing to install, update or remove
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So it seems that composer did not make any changes. To get the information which version is installed I run

composer show

Which tells me that the maker-bundle is installed in version 1.35:

symfony/maker-bundle  v1.35.0   Symfony Maker
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... so it seems to me that it was already installed in version 1.35. I take a look in the composer.lock file of a backup and yes it already was on version 1.35 before I updated it. In the future I should check the versions before make a change in the composer.json

So that's not solves my problem with creating an entity.

Next I try the default action and clear the composer cache with:

composer clearcache

... makes not different, still the same error by creating an entity...

Found the next article which refers to this error (GitHub).
... at the end I think need to update the maker-bundle to version 1.36.
But for me it seems that I also have to update my Symfony version to 4.4 as a requirement of the maker-bundle 1.36.

So because I don't see another way to solve my problem I'll update my Symfony version to 4.4.
Post: Updateing Symfony 4.2 to 4.4

After I has updated my Symfony version to 4.4, I see that also the maker-bundle was updated to version 1.39.0, so hopefully this has solved my problem too.

Let's figure out by running again:

php bin/console make:entity

This time after Q2: it dose not drops an error, yeah...

So let's go-ahead and creating some properties "name" and "age"

New property name (press <return> to stop adding fields):
-> name

Field type (enter ? to see all types) [string]:
-> string

Field length [255]:
-> 255

Can this field be null in the database (nullable) (yes/no) [no]:

Add the other property "age"

Add another property? Enter the property name (or press <return> to stop adding fields):
-> age

Field type (enter ? to see all types) [string]:
-> integer

Can this field be null in the database (nullable) (yes/no) [no]:
-> no

Then exit the dialog by clicking enter.

At the end I get the message


Next: When you're ready, create a migration with php bin/console make:migration

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So let's do that with the command:

php bin/console make:migration

If the user you used with doctrine to access your database did not have the right to create a table you will get the following error message:

In DBALException.php line 185:

  An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE TABLE migration_versions (version NVARCHAR(14) NOT NULL, executed_at DATETIME NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (version))':  

  SQLSTATE [42000, 262]: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]CREATE TABLE permission denied in database 'BCMS_FERON'.                           

In Error.php line 45:

  SQLSTATE [42000, 262]: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]CREATE TABLE permission denied in database '<dbName>'.  
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After I extend the permission for this user the command runs successfully, perfect.

And as before in the terminal we find the message what we should do next:


 Next: Review the new migration "src/Migrations/Version20220621131505.php"
 Then: Run the migration with php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
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Okay I go on an run the recommended command:

php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

After confirm the question:

WARNING! You are about to execute a database migration that could result in schema changes and data loss. Are you sure you wish to continue? (y/n)
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which I answering with "yes", it runs and fails.

Looks like doctrine has a problem with parts of the structure of the database. Because I didn't want to figure out what exactly the problem is, I decide to reduce the created migration-file (you can find it at src/Migrations/Version.php) in a way that only the entries for the new entity "apiTest" is still inside.

So in the end in the migration-file is nothing more then create-SQL statement for this new table:


(you can easily go directly into the database and create the table with this statement by your self)

After that change, the command:
php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
runs without an error.

And we done - creating an entity with the maker-bundle and migrate it to the database.

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