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Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 5: CSS, Joining, Virtual Coffee, and Binary Search

Back from the holidays! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving :).

Today I learned...


  • The CSS Box Model is the idea that everything in CSS is a box. The boxes wrap around every HTML element and are built up of core pieces: content, padding, border, margin. Each of these pieces have different properties.
  • Content manipulates the width and height properties of the inner content box that contains the HTML element.
  • Border's commonly used properties are border-width, border-color, and border-style.
    • border-width controls the thickness of the border
    • border-color controls the color
    • border-style controls the line style (dashed, etc.)

You can also use a border shorthand property. A shorthand property is a single property that can set multiple properties like width, style, and color for border.

border: 4px solid black
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border-radius is used to round the corners of an element's outer border edge.

  • Padding is the space between the content and the border of the element. Like the bubble wrap of a box. Same as border, you can set individual properties and shorthand.
  • Margin The space outside of an elements border. The space in relation to the other elements around it. Also includes individual and shorthand properties.
  • Display Property
    • Inline - width and height are ignored. Margin and padding push elements horizontally but not vertically.
    • Block - break the flow of a document. Width, margin, height, and padding are respected.
    • Inline Block - behaves like an inline but width, margin, height, and padding are respected.


I am still on chapter one, I finished the section on word counting and got to arrays. I am trying to make sure to do the exercises after the sections. I got a little confused on the one for arrays and revisiting it tomorrow.

Binary Search

Continuing from last weekend, I was reviewing the Binary Search algorithm and decided to test myself on an easy LeetCode problem. I had some trouble on it and had to look up the solution. I am happy I decided to practice it because I realized I didn't understand it as much as I thought I did.

Joined Virtual Coffee

I participated in my first Virtual Coffee meet-up yesterday! I had a great conversation with the group I was in and got some good insights.

Ending Thoughts

I am beginning to understand that I don't need to learn everything because its that's not realistically possible and even senior developer have to continuously learn new things. So what is something I don't have that they do? Or what is it I'm still lacking?

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 by Colt Steele

Day 4:
Please refer to Starting My Self-Taught Developer Journey for context.

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