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Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 4: C, CSS, Reminders to Myself, and Code Buddies

Today I learned....


Understanding character input and outputs is harder than I thought. I am still on Chapter 1 of The C Programming Language and I am on the section going over programs for processing character data. I was doing an exercises for line counts and got stuck on a few. I marked the parts I am confused about to return to at a later time.


  • Attribute Selector matches elements based on the presence or value of a given attribute. They are not commonly used.

    input[type="password"] {
        color: green;
  • Pseudo Elements is a keyword added to a selector that lets you style a specific part of the selected element(s)

    p::first-line {
        color: purple;
  • Pseudo Classes vs Elements

    • Pseudo Classes styles based on the states of the elements.
    • Pseudo Elements style specific parts of an element(s).
  • CSS Cascade order of elements being declared matter. Later elements are overwritten as you go further down the style sheet.

  • Specificity is how the browser decides which rules to apply when multiple rules could apply to the same element. The more specific selector wins.

  • Inline Styles and Important

    • Inline styles styles a single element using the "style" attribute in the HTML document. It's specificity wins over ID, but is avoided because it can lead to confusion when using a style sheet.
    • Important, or the important exception, overrides any other declaration and is considered bad practice.
  • Inheritance

    • Styles will be inherited from parent elements
    • Some elements don't inherit by default, but you can explicitly add "inherit" to those elements add that behavior if they are able to be inheritable.

Reminder Resources to Myself

I was having a tough time yesterday so I made some resources for myself for when I feel self-doubt again. Their stories have helped me inspire me to keep going:

I Joined Code Buddies!

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 by Colt Steele

Day 3:
Please refer to Starting My Self-Taught Developer Journey for context.

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