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Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 1: Start a Website and Pep Talk

Today I learned....

How to start building a website

I had my first experience pair programming today! My friend, Dwayne, walked me through making my first website.

We created a navigation bar and hero section.

"A hero section is a full screen section typically consisting of a background image, or video, or illustrations, or animations, with text and sometimes a call to action."

I also learned about CSS pseudo-classes. I added the ":hover" keyword to my navigation bar links to change the button color whenever the mouse hovers over them.

"A CSS pseudo-class is a keyword added to a selector that specifies a special state of the selected element(s)."

To not underestimate myself

I am halfway through the first chapter The C Programming Language. I discovered I retained a lot more than I thought from when I learned about C in CS50. I am going to keep reading through to see if there's any gaps I might be missing.

It's okay to feel lost

Today, I definitely still felt lost about what I am doing. After some reassurance from a fellow self-taught developer on Twitter, I was able to snap myself out of it. I am planning to join Virtual Coffee and attend my first meet up next Thursday afternoon. I am hoping that joining a community will give me the support I need to make it through.

Please refer to Starting My Self-Taught Developer Journey for context.

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