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Jen Chan
Jen Chan

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I'm jen chan, and I support people who don't have my opportunities.

I advocate for equality by...

Donating to the poor when I have more than enough money to spend
Spending time listening to people who are having a hard time
Making sure those who I work with get paid and are clear on the terms of their work or volunteering
Pushing back on my privilege by highlighting members who aren't like me don't receive equal treatment or have their voices heard in meetings

I will advocate for equality by...

Hopefully, not letting accessibility slide to the last item of the list

I hope to see my school/work/developer/tech community...

do more than acknowledge systemic bias and hire leaders, create space for open conversation, treat offences just as they are, as mistakes.

My advice for fellow allies is...

listen more
read the other #shecoded posts

Andddd.... I pressed post too fast and didn't know published:true

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