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Awesome Tips about Google Blogger


Awesome Tips Series about Google Products

Awesome Tips Series about Blogger

Change Date And Time To Promote/Move Posts

Chrome uses published data to decide where the post is shown in Blog Archive or feed, we can change the published data after publish to move the post.

  • when set published date to future:
    • Update the exiting one: this will not change the date and time in the url but will change where it's put at Blog Archive
    • Publish a new one or again: this will schedule the post to publish it in the future
  • We can change an old post to a newer date to move and promote it
  • We can move similar posts together or distribute them into different months/years.

Add a post to the past

  • Publish a post first (using Automatic time)
  • Revert it to draft
  • Change date time to past then publish it again
  • ex: Awesome Tips about Chrome Vimium was added on 5/30/2019 and changed its date time to April 08, 2019

Manage/Use Labels Effectively

<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
  <b:if cond='data:label.count &gt;= 10'>
    <!-- ....  -->
  • Exclude labels at Configure Labels

Blogger Feeds API

Tips about SEO and Promote Posts

Add Custom Redirects after changed the url

Create a Custom "Page Not Found"

Promote your Content by Creating and Sticking Index Page

  • Publish the post first then change date to a future date
  • ex: home

How To Promote Posts Based On Labels And Recency


Sitemap web pages


  • Add your post to search-console by manually requesting indexing
  • Check Coverage -> Excluded and request indexing posts for Discovered - currently not indexed and Crawled - currently not indexed

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Hello, can you please help me with this issue:-

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Elodie | DIY Developer

Thanks for this post! I used to have various blogs with blogger, now I want to merge all in one and transform it into Vuepress.

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