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Best articles about Software Developers Hiring and stuff of @19/10/2021 #filteredContent

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ˜

Hello, I am fellow Software Developer, ML enthusiast, Philosopher, Scientist here to share my daily readings from all around the internet. As we know there is lots of articles, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc generated everyday that it's impossible to keep up with all that. That's why me and my friends decided to create a list of valuable articles and posts we encountered throughout a day and share with others so they can use their time only using these filtered content and no bullshit. Enjoy our 1st post. πŸ₯³

1️⃣ Everybody is hiring but nobody is getting hired!

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  • Note:- Need experienced person not a noob. But noob can't get experience without a base end job.

2️⃣ open-source in Finance

3️⃣ AI helper for Software development

4️⃣ ⭐️ Why nobody hires junior developers and what happens next

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  • Notes (who doesn't like TL;DRs πŸ€“) :-
    • everyone wants to have senior developers, because they provide value
    • in order to have a senior developer, we need a junior dev + a lot of time + proper training
    • in order to train junior developers, company needs to invest: senior developers spend less time on product (sacrifice immediate profit) so that they can support others (with long-term gain in mind)
    • Here's the twist - a company might invest in a developer, but not profit from them, because once that developer gains enough experience and skills to provide value, they'll start getting other job offers, and as we know changing jobs brings higher raise than staying.
    • top companies (big tech, high growth startups) figure out that they don't really need to hire a lot of junior developers, they'll just hire the best seniors from other companies by offering them way higher compensation
    • above average companies (other highly profitable enterprises) figure out they don't need to hire that many junior developers either, they'll just hire senior or mid-level devs who can't get a job at top companies
    • the remaining companies know they are at the bottom of the food chain - they train developers that later find better paying options. These companies still hire juniors, because they don't have much choice, but their hiring becomes limited because there are not enough experienced devs for mentoring
    • software houses are a bit of a special case - since they charge per person per day, even less experienced developers quickly become profitable for the company. It's tough to convince customers to add junior dev to the team, but often software houses just promote people very quickly.

5️⃣ Indian startups raised $10.9B during Q3'21

6️⃣ Funding for tech.

βœ… Reading complete. πŸ‘

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