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Best articles about ML and stuff of @20/10/2021 #filteredContent

1️⃣ AI writes Songs from incomplete notes
* Read at

2️⃣ ⭐️ Mystery of Deep Learning
* Read at
* Note :- "kernel methods" in ML are somewhat equivalent to deep Neural Network

3️⃣ 😂 Bars are horrible places
* Read at
* Note:- gonna try couple of times to experience this s#!t…

4️⃣ Graph neural networks for ETA in Google maps
* Read at
* Note:- graph neural network can represent any data.

5️⃣ one algorithm to rule them all
* Read at
* Creating a ML model which can be flexible enough to be able to work for different problems.

6️⃣ Finding roots of equations (insights)
* 3blue1brown
* Note :- borders in math for 3 regions
* Follow up video

✅ Reading complete. 👍

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