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Jeannie Nguyen
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How Do You Avoid Burnout?

Whether you have over a decade of experience as a software engineer or you've just started your career as one, how do you avoid burnout?

How do you manage work, side projects, family and friends, and more?

To the engineers with many years of experience, do you have any advice for those just starting their careers?

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Jennifer Tran

I think have non-negotiable activities I do helps a lot to alleviate or avoid burnout. For example, having time each day to move your body (exercise, dancing, yoga, playing with cats!) and having time to let my mind wander (drawing without purpose, listening to music) helps my brain recover.

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Illia Zub
  • Do breaks each thirty minutes no matter what. Often this is very hard to do but it helps to unstuck.
  • Discuss challenges with someone.

I have an opposite question to you. What causes burnout in your case and what exactly do you mean by the word burnout?

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Green Tea and Tai Chi