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Jeannie Nguyen
Jeannie Nguyen

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Do you have a favorite CSS preprocessor that you always use? Or do you choose one based on the situation?

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Cosimo Scarpa

Love SCSS, since the syntax is very similar to CSS and very intuitive. I like the extra features, the nest is pretty good and I like the @extend feature, it helps me so save a lot of time and keep the code clean.
Also, it's pretty easy to pick up, that helps a lot when you share the code with others.

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I use SCSS most of the time because I mainly work on PHP-based projects and I don't like switching between a indentation-based syntax and a 'normal' syntax.
But I can imagine myself using SASS for Python-based projects, if I'll every have one :)

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Jeannie Nguyen Author

That's awesome! I just started using SCSS recently and it is an absolute game changer.

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Louis Low

Based on situation mostly.