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Do You Have Your Own Website/Portfolio?

jeannienguyen profile image Jeannie Nguyen Updated on ・1 min read

How many of you have your own website? Did you create it in one go? Launch it and then build it over time?

I haven't created mine yet, hoping to be inspired. Would love to hear about how you decided to design it the way you did.

If you have your own website, please share it below!


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Very creative 'About Me' section, Ali!


I started mine recently. I have been thinking to do it for so long but every time I have some excuse/reason to not start it... At first I was thinking of making everything from scratch but after all I wanted to focus on writing and sharing my knowledge so I end up using a very minimalistic theme and built the site on top of it. I wanted to launch it as quickly as possible and incrementally build over it. It took a little more than a week to get it live. I have made some adjustments and improvements here and there afterwards. Maybe in the future I am going to redesign it all by myself.

The site is at belev.dev


Looks good, Martin! I like the light/dark mode capability.


I like how clear your page is. Pure simplicity.


Thank you πŸ™ƒ, I was looking for such a template/theme- something very minimal.


Martin, your website is great! It this a template or made it from scratch?



One of the best decisions in my career, to share who I am and what I can do.
Here is mine.

I also built a Blog over time.

I think in this sector the online presence it's essential. You never know who may be interested in (not what you do) but how you do things. ✨


Nice site, DesirΓ©! I really like that you do both design AND development, on top of educational videos.


My first website in 1997:

And many, many iterations and domain names later:

Each one was launched with minimal need and grown or shrunk from there. Changing platforms, changing content, you name it. I've always seen it as my playground to do what I want, it's not for clients, it's not for anyone else, but just for my own amusement. If someone else enjoys it along the way, that's great!


Love the first and current website comparison, Bugsy! Looks good!


I love your projects and activities. It reminds me of the web back before social media. (Sniff, sniff, nostalgia!) I will be adding Plaidurday to my calendar.


1997! Dang! I was probably learning to wear my pants right! πŸ‘Œ


I made the base version in one go. Took me about 2-3 hours. After that, whenever I learn something new I try to include it in my portfolio in some way. For example, recently I learned about Mapbox. So, I added that to my portfolio.

thesanjeevsharma.now.sh - Built using ReactJS + NextJS and TailwindCSS.


I like the colors you chose to go with, Sanjeev!


I do have my own website, it's fun to have one. Have been a bit lazy lately and my website totally needs a tidy up (just like my room) 😝
I used Jekyll and hosted on GitHub. I would say that's the easiest way to make a website. There are lot's of free Jekyll themes available and you just need to put some personal touch to it. You may want something fancier if you are a web dev (or want to be a web dev though) ✨

But I am happy with mine so far, check it out here: cheuk.dev


I just bookmarked your OOT project. I’d like to help out!


Hi Jeannie !
I have just finished mine and I can tell you it's definitely worth it.
I was not confident in myself and my design skills are not very good but I chose to make one anyway and I don't regret it.
My advice would be to choose a framework you want to master in order to improve your skills at the same time. For example mine was made with Gatsby which I didn't know before developing my site.
You wan have a look at mine : nicolasmaret.fr
Sorry for non French speakers !


I like how you built the menu on mobile, Nicolas. Clean work!


Thank you for your feedback Jeannie! Did you decide to make your own?

I did! Everyone's sites are so creative, can't wait to start building mine. I'll share it once it's live.


There are a lot of nice-looking ones out there that focus mostly on front-end, flashy visuals, using someone else's framework. It's an unpopular opinion, but I recommend reinventing all the wheels you can to really make it yours.

I use mine to show off my understand of the whole stack. I can have someone pull it up on their phone, and I can have their screen automatically refresh with updates that I make right there on the spot with my phone.



Nice site, Doug! It'd be really cool to see that auto-refresh with updates feature.


Thank you. There is still much to be done, but I plan on setting up an environment that lets people demo the authoring side of the CMS.


I run a light web server on a free TK domain, with links to most of my projects, maybe some tests of forum/SQL-based engines, and some programming files hosted



Let us know when it's online so we can check it out, Wesley!


its back, have to use an old cpanel i used to use though until i can resolve my home server not being public i guess


Ugh, works fine locally but internet sharing stuff is messing with me. Though, all my pages are basic XHTML 1.0 with barely any style to it and links to projects on other sites

It's not about that, and my RPi can't even broadcast a web server publicly
like how it was assumed I was using Apache πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

I don't understand, what do you mean with broadcasting a web server?

Just getting it out there
I port forwarded both machines and got nothing, plus the fact it's a new router, so I don't know yet if it has to do with that, since last time I remember it worked was before an ISP type upgrade came in

If you can't get it working, just host it statically and redirect your domain to that place.


Yes, but it’s only been online since 1999.



I was kind of expecting it to look like 1999, not the case! Looks great!


Haha! Thanks!
I wish I’d thought to take a screenshot every time I redesigned it over the years ...

Would've loved to see the original page in 1999!

The Internet Wayback Machine actually has a couple of pretty good snapshots from back then. Looks like the earliest one they have is from Aug 2000:

e.g. web.archive.org/web/20000816002939...


I own one and I built it from scratch (I always enjoy doing that). It has gone through stages that help remind me of my growth tooπŸ˜….

Check it out here tammy.dev
Also, see all the past versions tammy.dev/versions


I dig the current site! Big fan of the versioning as well, that's awesome.


I copied a lot of my Medium writing to my own site simonprickett.dev when I relaunched it, and set the canonical URL to be my site on Medium. I cross post articles here too and run it on GitHub pages / Jekyll with Cloudflare in front of it. It's been fun to do and I still enjoy having total control of it even though I use a template front end and have barely changed that!


I like your site, Simon. The template looks lightweight and simplistic - it'd be really cool if your social media badges/links opened in a new tab so that we could still have your site open. The content is great, too!


I've no idea how the template works, I just got it from a free template site :)


I have a website/blog, but it's not really as much of a portfolio as it is a place for me to share my writing. I might at some point decide to add some side projects (I can't share any paid work since it's all between NDA's), but for now it's mainly a blog.

I decided to go for a more minimalistic theme, in order to not distract from the reading, but with some small and fun details (like rainbow hover effects).



Yep I own a Blog on blog.bajonczak.com ths will be hostet with vuepress and static Website hosting. So it will be fast and looks pretty simple. Adding a new article will be done with markdown.

Very nice I like. But I only use this for bloggin purpose and very unfrequently at the moment.


I made my website a while ago but initially it was just the first section, the part with social links and email. Just recently I've added the "about me" section, "skills" and "projects". I'm going to replace the "wanna hire me?" with a contact form. Hosted on Netlify.



Here's mine: jonathanyeong.com/

I built it in one go. Since I'm no designer, I ended up using a template, and tweaked it over time. I'm realizing that there are limitations working within the bounds of the template so I'm thinking about doing a big redesign.

I also wrote about how I built my blog.


I launched mine recently


Took 2 weekends for the design and 3 weeks (after work hours + weekends) to develop and fix design issues.

I wanted to learn design and my portfolio was long due, hence started with this.


I run a WordPress site over at luke.work which I'm still tweaking. I think I want to add some SVG curves to shake it up a bit.

I love the Jamstack and really wanted to use Gatsby, but ultimately I decided the writing experience was more important than new tech. I may still switch it over to something like Frontity and use WordPress headless.


I've recently started my own blogging site that I did in one go using WordPress: fatarrow.dev.

That's fat arrow, dot dev!


I wanted to focus on generating content quickly, rather than building a CMS from the ground up to flex or something. I also didn't want to mess with hosting and was fine with chucking money at WP to figure it out for me.

I did spend a little too much time trying to come up with a color scheme and then getting a PhotoShop template set up for header images, but it seems to work well for me.


Yes, I do have my own website. I work as a freelancer and know how important it is to have a presentation of yourself. But even if you are working within a company I would create a minimalistic one with a blog on it. If you are changing your job or looking for a job a website can be an advantage for you to present yourself.

I started with writing down what I want to archive and whom I want to have on my site. Not that everybody else shouldn't visit but I wanted to know my target group. From my target group, I made three personas and wrote down what they could like or dislike. Writing this down as a significant influence on my design and my content.

Then I started to develop it. I wrote a blog post about how I did this:

Check it out: marcradziwill.com/

I didn't create it in one go. I am a friend of progressive enhancement and things change anyway. The only thing a did in one go before I started was to write the initial content. It helped me to get an image of how my site could look like.

If you start your own site, let us know. I am curious πŸ˜‰

By the way, I am currently migrating my site from Gatsby to eleventy πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜


Thanks for the advice, Marc! I'm a friend of progressive enhancement as well. There's always more to be done! Really dig the website, love that your favicon looks just like you.


Thank you, Jeannie 😍
I am currently migrating to 11ty πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
So like you are saying: "There is always more to be done"


I started mine a year ago with the intention to start writing blogs. However only recently I started blogging more often and I love it. The initial thought was to try out Gatsby, then moved my personal website to it.

Adding small features every now and then is a nice way to keep being active. In the future I'm thinking of adding a mailing list as soon as I build an audience.

Having a personal website to play with and see where it goes in my opinion is a great approach to keep active. Also having some longer term goals helps a lot. What are your thoughts?

link harrisgeo.me


Looks good, Harris! I like your favicon and the dark/light mode capability.


I've created many over the years, usually some flavor of Jekyll & GitHub Pages. Recently I've switched to Netlify over GitHub pages because I wanted a private repo and public site - it works great!

I've used personal sites mostly as a learning ground for basic web dev and as a way to share my projects / infrequent blog posts.

My site is at ajkueterman.dev and currently uses a customized version of the Poole theme which is a super basic theme that some other common themes are forked from.

If you have any questions about what I've learned I'd be happy to share!


I do! It started as a single page with a fun image and a couple of sentences about who I am. Then I added an about page, and a contact page. After that, I added a portfolio with some of my best projects on it.

Then I removed everything but the image and a couple of sentences about who I am. I realized my portfolio was tragically out of date and I was never going to find the energy to update my projects πŸ˜‚

I swap out the sentences about once a year now. Here's where I landed πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


My website is inspiredWebDev.com where I write mostly about JavaScript. I made it with Gatsby, used a base template but the current site has nothing to do with the original template. The same base is used for my girlfriend's site HowToVietnamese.com and both are hosted for free on Netlify.


I developed my site from scratch , Yes Im a designer but I don't wanna show some heavy interactions to the visitors. Passing information straight to the visitors thats my policy and thats why I build like this 😊


Since I first logged onto the internet in the 90s I've always wanted a web presence. My first website was on Geocities; later I moved to Blogger.com and then had a Wordpress site. This year, when I finally decided to move into the tech sector and learned HTML/CSS/JS I finally created my own site on GitHub Pages, which I recently moved to Netlify after learning about the JAMstack: alvinlim.me/


I don't have my own website but i'm going to create it next months ! I never had too much time to build my own full projects for different reasons but recently i realized that i really want to start doing that.

I think i'll build some stuffs first and after the website to put them in


Dunno, if you want any more comments, but I've got yujiri.xyz. It's development history is something I always to talk about.

It started when I had a few things I wanted to be able to make public. Most of the content was originally strategy guides/tutorials for Prismata, a game I was into at the time. I got a digital ocean droplet, installed Nginx and just wrote raw HTML with some minimal CSS. At first I didn't even have a domain name.

Once it was up, I started writing about more and more topics, and got a domain name and a TLS cert from LetsEncrypt. One day I realized just how badly I needed comments. So I read about CGI and fastCGI and sCGI and eventually landed on uWSGI for a small Python backend that stored comments in Postgres. There were no accounts at first and they didn't have any kind of formatting.

Soon after that I added a recent comments panel so you wouldn't have to re-check every place you'd commented for replies (there were still no email notifs). I also put up a searchable dictionary for my conlang.

At this point things were getting complicated, every time I changed something, migrating the database was a pain, and I decided a framework would help. So I read about Python frameworks. Flask and Django stood out to me at the time, and although I liked Flask's description more in general, Django said it could spare me from manual SQL, which would be a life saver. So I migrated to Django. I also found a Python markdown library to use for comments.

I think it was then that I finally got around to email notifications. This took a lot of research. Django had builtin facilities, but seemingly only for using an existing mail account - and I couldn't have them coming from my personal email, they had to be from notifications@yujiri.xyz, which wasn't a real account.

I ended up using mutt to send them. It let me give whatever From address I wanted. I still had to do a lot of reading to figure out how to get the "GMail couldn't verify the sender" issue and it being sent to spam by default, but I eventually figured out the SPF DNS record I needed.

Since then I've migrated the frontend to Lit-Element instead of vanilla JS (rendering comment trees was really complicated!), and switched out Django in favor of FastAPI and SQLAlchemy. It's been a fun ride learning about all the stuff I've had to learn to implement all these features.


I have one that is hosted on Heroku with free dynos (it's free) and loads slower if it's not opened frequently. gabrielaradu.me Since I made this I learned a lot and looking forward to changing this at one point. I want a simple design that lets projects/content be in the front.


Hey Jeannie πŸ‘‹

I was too in the similar state few months back and looked for inspiration and finally built my first ever portfolio site.
You can read my blog here on the journey of building it. It was fun and it took lot of going through several Dev portfolio sites for small inspirations. Hope this helps u.


Mine is at waylonwalker.com.

My biggest tip. Don't overthink it, just do it. Start getting content posted their regularly. You can always tweak styles and add features as you go, but trying to get them all perfect from the start is just yak shaving. Grab a template, get content flowing into markdown on your own domain, them figure out what you like.


Yes, this is my site.
durgeshgupta.com/ based on AMP framework.

my agency, a dynamic website webanaya.com/ based on bootstrap, Laravel, livewire, alpinejs (recently moved away from Gatsbyjs due to dynamic expansion).



I've had a personal website since more than 10 years, writing on it about misc random stuff very sporadically. At the beginning of 2020 decided I would like to try something new and migrated from WP to a Gatsby powered site, and been iterating over it the past few months when time allows it.

Right now I'm happy with the current state of it, and just want to try to start writing a bit more.

Site lives at osiux.ws/


I've made a website for my agency on RU-zone. Here is a link: champer.ru
But I still didn't create a personal website.
"Maybe I'll do it later", - that's what I say everytime I think about it πŸ™ƒ


Recently made a website as part of learning a bit of web dev! Will be expanding it to a few more pages soon. I want to see how I can use Hugo on just the blog section of my website rather than on all of the website. Any ideas?



I redesigned mine recently. This time I used Hugo and is hosted on GitLab Pages. It's based on this theme

I've been adding content and making some improvements. And I'm using the DEV API for showing in the Blog section the blog posts I've published here, that was the last section I added.

It's at mariog.xyz


I built mine myself, mostly to play around with FE tech that I'm interested in. It's gone from a regular HTML/CSS/JS + a sprinkle of PHP project to a project that uses React with a static site generator for the scaffolding. It's way overdue for another makeover though. Looking to use Gatsby next.

Site is kopijunkie.net/


I started with simple blog post website using Gatsby, then over the time updated it inspired by trends and design.

Also I got to test few ideas of mine and new tech on the site, which is very helpful.

Site : stud2design.tech πŸ”—


I do! I write about testing, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and sometimes board games on masilotti.com.

The site is built with Jekyll and styled with Tailwind CSS. Oh, it’s also open source!


I launched it first with just a "pilot" blog post. And then added a few notes and thoughts every few months and now I've been posting more consistently.

There is a lot more to work do, but incremental improvements over a long period payoff.

This is my site:

I'm using Middleman static site generator:


I built my website + blog during the quarantine. I just started learning web development so building it was part of my learning process. I used Gatsby and Tailwind CSS, and hosted on Vercel. The developer experience of the three is πŸ’―.

Before I started coding my website, I first designed it on Figma. I also made some research and found some inspirations. My top inspirations are taniarascia.com and joshwcomeau.com.

Here's my website: jeffjadulco.com


I made my resume a while back so it's a bit outdated now, at least regarding the content...
It's made in React and all the css is custom, heavily inspired by bootstrap 3.
I'm really proud of the timeline element and the animated mouse scroll (or phone if you're on a smaller screen). I remember that the scroll spy was harder to implement than I would have thought.
Now that I look back at it, it's way too long in terms of details...
Here's the source code: gitlab.com/PierreFaniel/interactiv...


This is mine. I decided to go bold and dark.

loouislow81.github.io (PWA)

Built with KrugurtJS (proprietary MVP framework) + Yogurt CSS.


I have my own website, which I launched with a couple of projects, an about section, and some links. I have built on it over time and also re-designed it at the beginning of the year.

The site is at: graceso.github.io


I have my own website, which I launched with a couple of projects, an about section, and some links. I have built on it over time and also re-designed it at the beginning of the year.

The site is at: saimanoj1712.github.io/


I just finished my portfolio site a week ago, I plan to create blog section later, but here's the current version of it😊



I'm in progress of making one for me.


technically yes, at my username .com, but I haven't touched it in ages and have wanted to rebuild it for a while now.