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What's the Latest Project You're Working On?

jeannienguyen profile image Jeannie Nguyen ・1 min read

If you haven't read my post about having your own website/portfolio, I've been looking for inspiration to build mine.

I'm currently finishing up my website and a music project right now! Side projects are fun, because I can build on any idea that I have.

I'm really curious to see what all the bright minds are up to! What's one project (feel free to share more than one) you're working on right now that you're really proud of? Which stack are you using to build it? What's the most difficult error or problem you've run into on that project?

If you've already launched your project, feel free to share it below too.


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netselect - An opensource CLI tool to find fastest site based on ICMP latency.

It’s a handy tool to choose a mirror for apt, or just to compare sites to each other.


rubico - a library that combines async with functional programming


I wrote a series that had to do with this library a while back, looking to do more writing soon after I finish this rewrite. Hardest problem I've run into is specifying a flatMap function that flattens all the things.


It's a little more of a "main" project - but Derek and Ivy and the people at PE have been building out perpetual.education (It's a custom WordPress theme - and it also spits out JSON data that we use in other apps) (biggest problems is just figuring out the best way to do things... and although the CMS and Advanced Custom Fields are really robust / they can get cluttered and ugly and not A+ to maintain.)

We also made this recently: latakedown.com (it uses video for the videos)

and we've been making these UX videos: (not really a 'code' project - but lots of video editing learing)



I have several projects going, but the most recent is ban2fail. ban2fail was inspired by fail2ban, but deals with issues in system log files in well under a second, and remembers the blocking status for as long as the offense remains in the system logs. This program can save a lot of wasted bandwidth on your servers! ban2fail is written in pure C, and yet is object oriented with easy to follow class declarations. Uses Berkeley DB for caching, is small and blazingly fast. Somewhat interesting is that when reporting, it uses 200 threads in parallel for DNS lookups, both forward and reverse.


Codedmails: Ready to use HTML Email templates for developers.

I used Tailwind for the website along with alpinejs. For the templates I used MJML as the email markup language.


I'm currently working on a revamped version of my website, also making a POC for my digital garden but I'm torn between using Nextjs static site generation with MDX and Eleventy with the VSCode Foam extension.


DisStreamChat - an opensource Twitch chat client that also has Discord integration.

Its designed to be used by streamers, viewers, and moderators so it has options that make it look good as stream chat overlay and it has lots moderation features and lots more in development.


current project: pypyr automation task runner. if your bash/python/ruby automation scripts are getting too long & complicated, you can use pypyr to create sequential step workflows in a simplistic yaml file giving you retries, error handling, looping and all that basic plumbing you normally need to re-invent for every script, so you get low-code to no-code automation.

stack: the Power of Python! 🐍

the most difficult problem: it's not a coding problem as such, but more about ensuring backwards compatibility to current users while still adding cool new features. In other words, when you add cool new stuff you don't want to break or be incompatible with existing features users depend on. Adds a new dimension of things to think about when you're coding & designing new features!


An operating system ^^

Well, for now primarily learning some essentials I need to know, but I hope to get started with writing the first bits and bytes soon. ^^


What lang are you using, just curious 👀


I'm thinking that the primary lang will be C, with some sprinkles of Assembly for some of the necessities (boot loader, that kinda stuff). And, maybe, a high level lang like Java in the far far faaar future of the OS. :)


Get it OTC, an online pharmacy service that delivers over-the-counter medication to your door


Roda/Vue application called ReviewAnythingOnce, a review site where every product can only be reviewed one time.


RxJS-Socket.io - Something to make it simpler to use socket-io and rxjs.


GitHub logo SoorajSNBlaze333 / tooltip-sequence

A simple step by step tooltip helper for any site

Tooltip Sequence

A minimalistic set of tooltips on your app.

GitHub stars GitHub forks GitHub issues size


What it does

So suppose you create a Web Application and you want to take your users or anyone on a walkthrough on one, two or maybe all the features in your app, you can install this simple Javascript package to create a sequence of small tooltips that will guide the user to each feature( in our case a web element ) and show a small description of what you want them to know about that feature.This package would save you the time to manually create tooltip descriptions on each page and link them together in action.


Quick Usage ⚡️

Add the following tags to your HTML document
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/tooltip-sequence@latest/dist/index.css">
<script src="https://unpkg.com/tooltip-sequence@latest/dist/index.min.js"></script>


Use npm

npm install tooltip-sequence --save
Add the following…

A github stars organizer and a url shortner


Gatsby portfolio website for some local business 😎


A issue system like redmine (yes, another issue/ticket system) :D


Currently finishing up 2 full stack project, starting with my portfolio this week.