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re: Dude. Seriously. This is absolutely one of the best #showdev posts I’ve read here. I’ve been on a mega-kick with Elixir as of late and have fallen ...

This comment has absolutely made my morning! Thanks for the sincere feedback, and I hope your trek into Clojure goes well :)

Like you, I've worked with .NET daily for over a decade, and LINQ was the first thing that got me interested in FP as well. Since then, I've delved into F# (my current go-to language for everything), Clojure (my beloved mistress), and Elixir (currently using in a side project), amongst a few other non-FP languages that have been required for work. Next on the list is Haskell, because we may start up a CλaSH project or two soon at work. It's a good time to be interested in FP!

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