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Dude. Seriously. This is absolutely one of the best #showdev posts I’ve read here. I’ve been on a mega-kick with Elixir as of late and have fallen in love with it and the bit of FP I’ve picked up from learning it. This post, completely because of the in-depth walkthrough/explanation of the code and the excited tone with which it was written, has convinced me to check out Clojure.

I also work with .Net on a daily basis at work and definitely enjoy things like linq (partly how a co-worker got me interested in FP), but this post is, in a nutshell, why I think the current hype behind FP is warranted.

Well. Done.


This comment has absolutely made my morning! Thanks for the sincere feedback, and I hope your trek into Clojure goes well :)

Like you, I've worked with .NET daily for over a decade, and LINQ was the first thing that got me interested in FP as well. Since then, I've delved into F# (my current go-to language for everything), Clojure (my beloved mistress), and Elixir (currently using in a side project), amongst a few other non-FP languages that have been required for work. Next on the list is Haskell, because we may start up a CλaSH project or two soon at work. It's a good time to be interested in FP!

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