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TIL: i made my own website from scratch; (with some instructions...shhh!)

most exciting thing i've ever done in the last 5-10 years? perhaps. i've always been into arts because it challenges me specially when i do not have any formal training in that said form of art... and that translates to everything, honestly.

the last 2-3 years i have been longing to do something different outside of the realm of arts that challenges me to a different degree. i do like to learn and i'm always searching the internet for new ways to obtain information that can serve my needs and purpose.

doing this web development apprenticeship feels like some sort of a miracle or an answer to a long long and forgotten prayer that i had given up on pursuing. sure, i could've learned these things on my own but at the end of the day some of us need a bit mentorship, sort of like when we learned how to ride a bike with the training wheels, just like that in my opinion.

i'd like to say that html/css have been very easy to learn or understand but i'd like to give props to my trainer and the TAs for making it easy to understand, at the end of the day learning something new can be difficult for many even if for one it does not seem like so but there is more to learn, more to feel challenged by. after all, this was only the first week. (lol)

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