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Learning Python and bettering my JavaScript

wanted to share my experience learning these two languages to keep busy while I look for employment - Python and JavaScript. Somewhat being a newbie of sorts to coding, it's been an exciting and challenging journey, and I'm happy to say that I'm making progress every day.

Python has been a fantastic language to follow up with, my prior experience has been with Ruby on Rails - with its easy-to-read syntax and straightforward coding structures. I've been learning the basics like data types, variables, and control structures, and it's been a great introduction to programming concepts.

JavaScript has been a bit trickier for me to grasp, with its many nuances and complex interactions with HTML and CSS. However, I've been pushing through and getting the hang of it, learning how to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

Throughout my learning journey, I've been using a variety of resources to help me, from online tutorials and coding challenges to YouTube videos and just figuring out on my own. I've found that it's helpful to have a mix of different learning materials to reinforce my understanding of the concepts.

I've also been working on small coding projects to practice what I've learned, like creating a basic calculator using Python and building a simple interactive form with JavaScript. These projects have been an excellent way to apply my newfound knowledge and have been incredibly rewarding.

Overall, I'm excited to continue my journey in learning these two versatile programming languages. I know that there's still so much to learn, but I'm looking forward to the challenge and the opportunities that await me in the future.

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Nghia Lele

I am doing just the same thing as you do, learning these two languages at the same time.

Thanks for sharing your story. It inspires other beginner I believe.

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thank you!