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Start Up Ideas

today as i commuted to my place of work/education, i read an essay by Paul Graham. While many of us think of multiple ideas everyday, as do i due to frustration, or thinking we might be doing something to change the world, even though it might already exist. This essay did something for me that had not been done in a while. it put my mind into a different perspective and made me think differently. i started flowing with ideas that seemed more plausible than many of the ones i had came up with which were always tagged by the idea of #money. even though i thought of new ideas, it did help to cull and update many of my more detailed startup ideas and how to think like an user and how to put myself in the shoes of an user and make it possible to make the idea...possible.

freeing the mind from filters that clutter the mind when brainstorming helped more in retrospect rather than thinking about profit/monetary gain. i started to think as a problem solver again, i started to think a lot more as if a switch had been turned on or dusted off from when i was a child and the imagination was as free and wild.

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