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Introducing FoundationsMapApp, a web application I have built with Ruby on Rails that helps users find and explore non-profit foundations across different states in the United States. This app allows users to browse through a list of foundations, view their details, and add them to their favorites list. It also offers data analytics to help users better understand the distribution of foundations across different categories.

With FoundationsMapApp, users can easily search for foundations by category and state, as well as sort the results by name, date added, and impact score. They can also view a map of all the foundations and their locations. Moreover, users can get recommendations for new foundations based on their browsing history.

FoundationsMapApp is built with Bootstrap, making it responsive and mobile-friendly. It also features authentication and authorization using Devise, ensuring secure access to user data. The app uses PostgreSQL as the database management system and will be deployed on Render.

Whether you're looking to donate to a non-profit foundation or simply want to learn more about them, FoundationsMapApp provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for all your needs.

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